An update from Bendrigg Trust and the Jolly Days group

As part of the 50th year celebrations Cicerone have been fundraising for the Bendrigg Trust. This video shows what an impact the charitable work Bendrigg do can have on the service users, for example the group from Jolly Days Supported Holidays.

The film focuses on the social benefits that adults with disabilities get from outdoor residential experiences and follows a group from ‘Jolly Days Supported Holidays’. Once again they simply could not afford to visit us without the support from Cicerone, their customers, and other Bendrigg supporters.

Just £80 enables 1 person to visit Bendrigg for a week and have experiences they never even dreamt possible. In George’s own words, “It’s been different being here. Normally I normally do my normal routine with just me.”. It’s great to give totally new social experiences to individuals such as the lovely people from Jolly Days.

Thank you to all our customers who have donated, we, and Bendrigg, are very grateful.

If you'd like to donate you can either add a donation amount during the checkout process on this website or see the Bendrigg Trust on Justgiving.

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