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Top Winter Walking Destinations

Article · 13 Nov 2015

Top Winter Walking Destinations

Looking for the best places to go winter walking? Here are some of our recommended destinations - let us know in the comments if there's any we've missed.

Walking on the Dales Way

Article · 9 Nov 2015

Walking is better than the gym

Updated January 2021. Published research comparing various keep-fit activities is good news for Cicerone. According to research by Dr Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics and Political Science (2015), a brisk 30-minute walk five days a...


Article · 16 Oct 2015

Bulgaria – A relatively unexplored corner of Europe

What's on the checklist for your next trip? Unspoiled mountains; good paths and guidebook; day walks and multi-day treks? Bulgaria offers all this and more.

Crux constellation

Article · 14 Sept 2015

Skywatch Autumn: Ursa Minor

In the latest instalment of his regular column for Cicerone Extra, Brian Jones focuses his attention on Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, one of the constellations visible from the UK at all times of the year – on a clear night! If you're out camping,...

Look out for 'The Lookout' bothy on Skye

Article · 14 Sept 2015

Look out for 'The Lookout' bothy on Skye

Phoebe Smith shows you around 'The Lookout' bothy on the Isle of Skye, featured in her latest book 'The Book of the Bothy'. Find out where is is, and take a look around by watching the video.

Lea Valley, Top 10 Easy First Treks

Article · 7 Aug 2015

Top 10 Easy First Treks in the UK

Thinking of doing your first long-distance walk but need some advice? Have a look at our top ten easy first time treks.

Harris and Lewis

Article · 5 Aug 2015

11 surprise facts about Harris and Lewis

Of course you all know about Richard Barrett's guidebook to Walking on Harris and Lewis but here are eleven things you may not have known about the islands.

Coast to Coast Walk

Article · 31 Jul 2015

Another Coast to Coast Walk (Tell Us Your Story)

Another Coast to Coast Walk, submitted by Jim and Carol Watson. Or How Two People Created Their Own Path, with the help of Paddy Dillon and Cicerone.

Walking the  North Wessex Downs

Article · 17 Jul 2015

10 Reasons to Visit the North Wessex Downs

Steve Davison, author of the new walking guidebook to the North Wessex Downs, gives us ten highlights of this beautiful area.

Ready to tackle Everest?

Article · 8 Jul 2015

Are you ready to tackle Everest?

Our friends at Winfields Outdoors have created this brilliant infographic so you can do a quick test to see whether you are ready to tackle Everest.

Bob Graham Round

Article · 8 Jul 2015

Bob Graham Round Successes

Five fell runners closely associated with Cicerone Press have completed the Bob Graham Round in Cumbria's Lake District. Are there more of you out there?

The Making of the Jurassic Coast

Article · 19 Jun 2015

The Making of the Jurassic Coast

Enjoyed Jurassic Park? Want to see a slightly more realistic representation of geology and paleontology? Then head to the Jurassic Coast - with a little insight from Ronald Turnbull's guidebook you will find the landscape tells an equally (if not...

The Two Moors Way Stamp Trail

Article · 17 Jun 2015

The Two Moors Way Stamp Trail

In 2006, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Two Moors Way, two journalists set up a stamp trail along the whole route. Sue Viccars tells us more.

Walking in Cornwall - sample route

Article · 5 Jun 2015

Walking in Cornwall - sample route

A new guide to Walking in Cornwall has been written by Graham Uney and published by Cicerone Press. This pocket-sized guidebook to 40 walks will guide you through the magical landscapes of the Cornish countryside. Here is a sample route and an...

Walking in Jersey with a Cicerone Guide

Article · 5 Jun 2015

It's a great time to go to Jersey

In an extract from his guidebook to Walking on Jersey, Paddy Dillon explains why It's a great time to go to Jersey; an ideal destination for walking.


Article · 4 Jun 2015

Skywatch Summer: Ursa Major

Even if you’ve not heard of Alcor, Mizar or Liebknecht’s ‘spurious planet’ you’ve probably heard of the Great Bear (or the Plough which is part of the Great Bear). It’s one of the big beasts of the summer night sky in the northern...

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

Article · 30 Apr 2015

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

In this article expert mountaineer Hilary Sharp details Crevasse Rescue Techniques to use when trekking. The first reaction to one of the walkers falling into a crevasse can determine success or failure.

How to travel across a glacier

Article · 30 Apr 2015

How to travel across a glacier

Hilary Sharp, expert mountaineer and holder of the International Mountain Leader award, explains the safest way to travel across a glacier. Part two of the article focusses on Crevasse Rescue Techniques. It pays to be prepared!

The Rhine Cycle Route with a Cicerone Guide

Article · 27 Apr 2015

The Rhine Cycle Route: from source to sea

The Rhine Cycle Route, passing through six countries, is a delightful journey and one that continues to inspire Mike Wells, author of the Cicerone Press guidebook. In this blog...

Best Bike for Cycle Touring

Article · 23 Apr 2015

What is the best bike for cycle touring?

Cycle touring is a brilliant activity for people of all ages and most levels of fitness. In this blog post, Cicerone Press author Richard Barrett explains what, in his opinion, is the best bike for cycle touring.