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Article · 2 Jan 2019

Celebrating Fifty Years... Enduring Cicerone titles

If you look on the website, you will see that Cicerone has an enviable, and really quite staggering, collection of nearly 400 titles, available as both printed books and e-books...

Some of the old Cicerone guides with different logos and the price in shillings

Article · 8 Dec 2018

Cicerone Press at 50: From then to now

In this abridged extract from Fifty Years of Adventure, Kev Reynolds and Jonathan Williams look back at Cicerone's story, from then to now.

Ben Nevis Summit At Sunrise  Early In The Summer You Might Only Need A Few Hours Of Battery Life For All Night Adventures

Article · 24 Oct 2018

How to choose the right headtorch

With the clocks about to change in the UK and autumn settling in, Joe Williams takes a timely look at what makes a good headtorch, whether you’re a walker, trekker, climber or runner.

A Monochrome Wonderland Banner

Feature · 13 Oct 2018

Becoming qualified as an International Mountain Leader: the challenges of winter

With his International Mountain Leader summer assessment completed, Cicerone author Andy Hodges was ready to take on the white world of winter in the Alps.

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Feature · 13 May 2018

Valley deep, mountain high: A journey towards the International Mountain Leader Award

For those wishing to trek the world's mountains, the highest standard of leadership is the International Mountain Leader Award, which a number of Cicerone writers hold. Andy...

View North On The Way Up Kirk Fell

Article · 14 Oct 2017

Why navigation skills should not be ignored and everyone should learn how to read a map

It’s raining. Again. The steady downpour lashing against the windows is enough to put anyone off venturing outside, although the forecast is good for the weekend. Very good, in...

The simple beauty of lines and stripes.

Feature · 7 Oct 2017

How much preparation do I need for polar exploration?

Polar exploration was once reserved for a very few hardy explorers who were not confident of even returning from their trips alive. Shackleton famously advertised for "Men Wanted...

50 shades of snow: a guide to the white stuff

Article · 17 Jan 2017

50 shades of snow: a guide to the white stuff

Understanding snow terminology can help you to be safer, find the best conditions and avoid avalanches. Here is our guide to technical snow terms.

How to take photos you'll want to keep

Article · 9 Dec 2016

How to take photos you'll want to keep

Kev Reynolds, author of many Cicerone guidebooks, talks through some of his top tips for taking photos that you'll want to keep.


Article · 11 Jul 2016

Lightweight Hammock Camping

Looking for lightweight camping gear? Have you considered using a hammock for your next trek? In the winter of 2015 Mark Haughton was planning two very long walks when his mind turned to the equipment that would be needed for these adventures.

Crux constellation

Article · 12 Jun 2016

The Night Sky: Crux - A Distinctive Cross in the Southern Sky

Night Sky expert Brian Jones discusses the constellation Crux. He describes how to locate it, its history and other interesting details for the backyard astronomer.

Night Sky Watch Header 1200

Article · 11 Mar 2016

Skywatch: Canis Minor, Orion’s (little) canine helper

Dogged by a desire to learn more about the stars and constellations adorning our night sky? In this article, Astronomer Brian Jones concentrates on Canis Minor, ‘the Little...


Feature · 7 Jan 2016

Six steps to successful 'selfies'

Keen cyclist and Cicerone author Richard Barrett offers his top tips for taking those tricky self-portrait shots to a higher standard than the standard Facebook fodder. Here he illustrates his article with photographs used in his books on Harris and...


Article · 8 Dec 2015

Skywatch Winter: Cassiopeia

Astronomer Brian Jones focuses his attention on Cassiopeia, a constellation visible from the UK at all times of the year but easiest through the longer, darker nights of winter. Whether you’re camping, bivvying or staying in a bothy you should be...

Crux constellation

Article · 14 Sept 2015

Skywatch Autumn: Ursa Minor

In the latest instalment of his regular column for Cicerone Extra, Brian Jones focuses his attention on Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, one of the constellations visible from the UK at all times of the year – on a clear night! If you're out camping,...

Top Tips for European Trek Packing

Feature · 4 Jun 2015

Top tips for European trek packing

Jonathan Williams, Cicerone’s Publisher, and Lesley Williams, Cicerone’s Marketing Director, open the lid on some of their secrets for trekking with a light rucksack but still taking everything you need to be comfortable. You can download their...


Article · 4 Jun 2015

Skywatch Summer: Ursa Major

Even if you’ve not heard of Alcor, Mizar or Liebknecht’s ‘spurious planet’ you’ve probably heard of the Great Bear (or the Plough which is part of the Great Bear). It’s one of the big beasts of the summer night sky in the northern...


Feature · 10 May 2015

How to go long-distance walking with a dog

Bringing your dog with you on a multi-day walking trip need not be as daunting a prospect as you might think. In fact it's a delight, and well worth the additional planning and...

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

Article · 30 Apr 2015

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

In this article expert mountaineer Hilary Sharp details Crevasse Rescue Techniques to use when trekking. The first reaction to one of the walkers falling into a crevasse can determine success or failure.

How to travel across a glacier

Article · 30 Apr 2015

How to travel across a glacier

Hilary Sharp, expert mountaineer and holder of the International Mountain Leader award, explains the safest way to travel across a glacier. Part two of the article focusses on Crevasse Rescue Techniques. It pays to be prepared!