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Birds and buds in Andalucía

Article · 5 Feb 2016

Birds and buds in Andalucía

Andalucía is a beautiful place to walk and offers some of the best year-round walking in Europe. Cheap and easy to get to, from the UK at least, and boasting dramatic peaks of up to 3500m, Andalucía should be on your radar if you are looking for...

A quick chat with Paddy Dillon

Article · 5 Feb 2016

A quick chat with Paddy Dillon

Paddy Dillon is one of Cicerone's most prolific authors and has written over 70 walking and trekking guidebooks. We pin him down to ask a few questions of this 'indefatigable long-distance walker'.

Walking in the Azores - these photos will make you jealous

Article · 3 Feb 2016

Walking in the Azores - these photos will make you jealous

Hardy trekker and guidebook author Paddy Dillon is in the Azores doing some research. He is making us jealous with these amazing photos.


Article · 8 Dec 2015

Corfu: So much more than resorts

There is so much more to the island than the resorts. Corfu is the greenest of all the Greek islands and, with mile upon mile of paths and lanes, makes a superb destination for walking - Gillian Price, author of the new guidebook to Walking in...

The Way of St Francis - Sandy Brown Cicerone Guide

Article · 26 Nov 2015

The Way Of St Francis – enjoy a pilgrim's progress in Umbria

Sandy Brown's Cicerone guide to The Way of St Francis, takes you through the 550 km pilgrimage route from Florence to Rome, via Assisi. For most of the walk, you will be exploring...

Walking on the Dales Way

Article · 9 Nov 2015

Walking is better than the gym

Updated January 2021. Published research comparing various keep-fit activities is good news for Cicerone. According to research by Dr Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics and Political Science (2015), a brisk 30-minute walk five days a...


Article · 16 Oct 2015

Bulgaria – A relatively unexplored corner of Europe

What's on the checklist for your next trip? Unspoiled mountains; good paths and guidebook; day walks and multi-day treks? Bulgaria offers all this and more.

Lea Valley, Top 10 Easy First Treks

Article · 7 Aug 2015

Top 10 Easy First Treks in the UK

Thinking of doing your first long-distance walk but need some advice? Have a look at our top ten easy first time treks.

Ready to tackle Everest?

Article · 8 Jul 2015

Are you ready to tackle Everest?

Our friends at Winfields Outdoors have created this brilliant infographic so you can do a quick test to see whether you are ready to tackle Everest.

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

Article · 30 Apr 2015

Crevasse Rescue Techniques

In this article expert mountaineer Hilary Sharp details Crevasse Rescue Techniques to use when trekking. The first reaction to one of the walkers falling into a crevasse can determine success or failure.

How to travel across a glacier

Article · 30 Apr 2015

How to travel across a glacier

Hilary Sharp, expert mountaineer and holder of the International Mountain Leader award, explains the safest way to travel across a glacier. Part two of the article focusses on Crevasse Rescue Techniques. It pays to be prepared!

Tour of the Bernina

Article · 13 Apr 2015

What is it like to stay in a mountain refuge?

A lot of Cicerone authors like to recommend staying in refuges whilst walking or trekking in the Alps, the Himalaya, or other long-distance walks. But what are they like? Do you...

Tour of Mont Blanc and Peru - amazing experiences and excellent books

Article · 12 Feb 2015

Tour of Mont Blanc and Peru - amazing experiences and excellent books

Cicerone have just received this delightful email from happy customers who walked the Tour of Mont Blanc and hiked in Peru's Sacred Valley using our guidebooks. They conclude "who...

A Taste of Sicily

Article · 18 Nov 2014

A taste of Sicily

Italy is known for fresh food and delicious flavours and here Gillian Price, author of Walking in Sicily, suggests some essentials to taste after a pleasant Sicilian stroll.

A4  Flight Past Everest 2013 October Bhutan 144

Article · 24 Jul 2014

Trekking in Manaslu

For those who love the mountains, the Himalayas are one of those necessary pilgrimage destinations. On its slopes live ancient people of great hospitality and generosity; on their summits the alpinists feats are saved in search for eternity.

Greenland - Walking the Arctic Circle Trail

Article · 2 Feb 2014

Greenland - Walking the Arctic Circle Trail

The very idea of trekking the longest waymarked trail in Greenland must conjure up images of endless ice-fields, marauding polar bears, desperate struggles for survival and huge...

The Via Francigena - a pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome

Article · 18 Jan 2014

The Via Francigena - a pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome

The Via Francigena ('the way through France') is a long-distance walk with a difference - a 1900km pilgrimage on foot from Canterbury to Rome. People have been making pilgrimages...


Article · 6 Jan 2014

So, which trek to do next?

Karen from Billings, Montana emailed to ask for suggestions for which alpine trek she should tackle next after her Chamonix-Zermatt and Alta Via 2 treks. Cicerone publisher Jonathan Williams runs through the main options in Austria, France, Italy,...

Walking with your dog on the Cotswold Way

Article · 24 Sep 2013

Trekking with a dog

Multi-day walking with a dog is not as daunting a prospect as you might think, in fact it's a delight, and well worth the additional planning required. Having recently returned from walking the Cotswold Way with her Labrador Cassie, here are...

Trekking in the Himalaya

Article · 23 Sep 2013

A brief history of trekking in the Himalaya

The following is an extract from the introduction to Trekking in the Himalaya, one of a growing collection of Cicerone inspirational guides by contributing editor Kev Reynolds.