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Tidal island of Hillbre, Merseyside

Feature · 11 Jul 2016

Walking with young children - exploring a tidal island

Rachel Crolla and family set out on a storybook adventure to strand themselves for the day on uninhabited tidal island of Hillbre off the coast of the Wirral in Merseyside. She...

A midsummer night's Fellranger walk

Article · 24 Jun 2016

A midsummer night's Fellranger walk

Sian and Natalie from the Cicerone office decided to make use of the longest day's additional light by doing a midsummer night Fellranger walk. And then Sian even went for a swim - we've got a brave Head of Production!


News · 14 Jun 2016

Ten years left to 'Find our Way', and register unrecorded footpaths

In 2026 any footpaths not recorded on official mapping could be lost forever. Cicerone and the Open Spaces Society need your help to ensure they remain in use. The Open Spaces...

Kennet and Avon Canal

Feature · 12 Jun 2016

The Kennet and Avon Canal - A 200 year old super highway

Steve Davison explores the Kennet and Avon Canal on a fascinating journey from Reading to Bristol, taking in the sights and the history on this famous waterway.

Walking in Britain's extremities: Orkney and Shetland

Article · 25 Apr 2016

Walking in Britain's extremities: Orkney and Shetland

Walking in the most remote parts of Britain offers something unique and different wherever you choose to go. In particular, walking on Orkney and Shetland is like visiting another...

Spring in the Lake District

Feature · 10 Apr 2016

Spring in the Lake District

A crook knee and a bad back didn’t stop photographer Andrew Clayborough from venturing out to the Lake District to capture a treasure trove of springtime scenery.

Win over £1000 of trekking gear

Article · 23 Mar 2016

Win over £1000 of trekking gear (now closed)

Win over £1000 worth of trekking gear with our incredible national trails competition.


Article · 21 Mar 2016

A tour of Frostrow, in the Yorkshire Dales

With fine weather, and a half day to spare, discovering some new paths in Dentdale and the surrounding hills was a great way to spend a sunny morning in the Yorkshire Dales.

Lake District in Winter

Feature · 11 Mar 2016

Winter in the Lake District

Walking in the Lake District in fresh snow, camera in hand, soaking up the magical views of Langdale. Thursday January the 14th 2016 was anything but an ordinary office day for photographer Andrew Clayborough.

What did Wales ever do for us?

Article · 1 Mar 2016

What did Wales ever do for us?

Wales. What an odd little country with so many quirks like daffodils, sheep and St David. Here we ask ourselves "What did Wales ever do for us?"

Snow over Langdale, in the heart of the Lake District

Article · 18 Feb 2016

Snow over Langdale, in the heart of the Lake District

The Lake District in winter can be harsh. Winter floods at the turn of the year brought misery to many, however at its best, the Lake District in winter can reveal the most...

Walking on the Dales Way

Article · 9 Nov 2015

Walking is better than the gym

Updated January 2021. Published research comparing various keep-fit activities is good news for Cicerone. According to research by Dr Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics and Political Science (2015), a brisk 30-minute walk five days a...

Look out for 'The Lookout' bothy on Skye

Article · 14 Sep 2015

Look out for 'The Lookout' bothy on Skye

Phoebe Smith shows you around 'The Lookout' bothy on the Isle of Skye, featured in her latest book 'The Book of the Bothy'. Find out where is is, and take a look around by watching the video.

Hadrian Landscape

News · 7 Sep 2015

New walking guidebooks with full mapping booklets

The new edition of many Cicerone walking guidebooks, including Mark Richards' popular guide to The Hadrian's Wall Path, will be completely different.

Harris and Lewis

Article · 5 Aug 2015

11 surprise facts about Harris and Lewis

Of course you all know about Richard Barrett's guidebook to Walking on Harris and Lewis but here are eleven things you may not have known about the islands.

Walking the  North Wessex Downs

Article · 17 Jul 2015

10 Reasons to Visit the North Wessex Downs

Steve Davison, author of the new walking guidebook to the North Wessex Downs, gives us ten highlights of this beautiful area.

The Making of the Jurassic Coast

Article · 19 Jun 2015

The Making of the Jurassic Coast

Enjoyed Jurassic Park? Want to see a slightly more realistic representation of geology and paleontology? Then head to the Jurassic Coast - with a little insight from Ronald Turnbull's guidebook you will find the landscape tells an equally (if not...

Walking in Cornwall - sample route

Article · 5 Jun 2015

Walking in Cornwall - sample route

A new guide to Walking in Cornwall has been written by Graham Uney and published by Cicerone Press. This pocket-sized guidebook to 40 walks will guide you through the magical landscapes of the Cornish countryside. Here is a sample route and an...

Walking in Jersey with a Cicerone Guide

Article · 5 Jun 2015

It's a great time to go to Jersey

In an extract from his guidebook to Walking on Jersey, Paddy Dillon explains why It's a great time to go to Jersey; an ideal destination for walking.


Feature · 10 May 2015

A wealth of walking on the Isle of Man

As the second edition of his guidebook to the Island is published, Terry Marsh recalls some of the highlights of visiting, walking and geocaching on, and writing about, the Isle of Man over almost 70 years – and discovering new delights on every...