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staircase in the Ceahlău Mountains

An intro to… The mountains of Romania

Article · On 29 Feb 2020 by Janneke Klop

Often associated with vampires, Romania is, in fact, incredibly hospitable. And as our intro to this sparsely populated country explains, it's also home to one of the last wildernesses in...
22 Camping platform near Kia Ora Hut

An intro to… Tasmania’s Overland Track

Article · On 5 Jan 2020 by Warwick Sprawson

Combine a dramatic landscape with a vast wilderness and intriguing history and you get one of the world’s great walks – the Overland Track. Warwick Sprawson introduces Australia’s most famous...
The main lake at Brown Moss Nature Reserve.

An intro to... The Shropshire Way

Article · On 3 Nov 2019

The county of Shropshire has been one of England’s best kept secrets for years. It is England’s most rural county with only two large towns –Telford and Shrewsbury, but it...
The boardwalk leading towards Porto Covo

An intro to... The Rota Vicentina

Article · On 19 Oct 2019 by Gillian Price

If you have a penchant for dramatic cliffs and awesome ocean scenery with secluded sandy bays, are fascinated by gangly storks nesting on sea stacks, are able to walk around...
Shadow Of Mt Fuji

An intro to… climbing Mount Fuji

Feature · On 21 Aug 2019 by Tom Fay

Tom Fay, co-author of Hiking and Trekking in the Japan Alps explains a few things you should know if you’re planning an ascent of the iconic Mount Fuji.
2 Riomaggiore Has A Tiny Harbour

An intro to… the Cinque Terre

Article · On 17 Aug 2019 by Gillian Price

Gillian Price’s Walking Italy's Cinque Terre is a collection of 16 breath-taking routes described in tempting detail. Here, Gillian answers the questions that visitors frequently ask about this magical part...
Waun Fach and Pen y Gadair Fawr from Pen Allt-mawr summit (Stage 5)

An intro to... The Cambrian Way

Article · On 14 Aug 2019

Are you an adventurous and experienced walker looking to discover Wales in a whole new way? Here's an introduction to the Cambrian Way - a challenging but equally rewarding long-distance...
Hatenashi settlement

An intro to… the Kumano Kodo

Article · On 19 May 2019 by Kat Davis

Kat Davis, author of Japan's Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage, introduces the Kumano Kodo, a network of ancient pilgrimage trails on the Kii Peninsula, south of Osaka.
6 Typical suspension bridge found on the trail, this one being close to Kebnekaise.

An intro to... the Kungsleden

Article · On 14 Apr 2019 by Mike Laing

Mike Laing introduces the 460km Kungsleden (or King’s Trail), Sweden’s foremost long-distance trail.
016 Mardi Gras is called Fasnet and it’s a big deal. Foolishness abounds.

An intro to… the Black Forest in Germany

Article · On 3 Apr 2019 by Kat Morgenstern

Kat Morgenstern introduces the Black Forest - a captivating region of Germany: a land of fairy-tale castles, gorges, forests and medieval villages.
J7 Pristine wetlands around Kamikōchi

An intro to… The Japan Alps

Article · On 13 Mar 2019 by Tom Fay

The Japan Alps are a located in the centre of Japan’s main island of Honshu and are home to some of the country’s most famous, highest and rugged peaks. Tom...
The Bridge of Plakidas

An Intro to... Zagori and the Northern Pindos mountains

Article · On 18 Feb 2019

The Zagori region of Greece offers thick forests, stunning mountain and a well-preserved network of paths. Here's everything you need to know about this awe inspiring area.
004 The southern Jura overlooking Mont Blanc, from the ‘Balcon des Alpes’ (Stages 12 and 13)

An intro to... the Jura Crest Trail

Article · On 9 Jan 2019 by Ali Rowsell

The Jura Crest Trail, one of seven Swiss national long-distance walking trails, delivers one wondrous panorama after another as you ascend, traverse and descend summits and mountain passes along the...
Thamserku Is One Of The Highlights Of The Views Between Namche And Khumjung

An intro to... Trekking in the Everest region

Article · On 22 Dec 2018

Trekking in the Everest region is not just about Everest. Here are a few things to consider on a trek in this part of the Himalaya.
The glacial bowl with the Sulzenau Alm ahead

An intro to... Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps

Article · On 19 Sep 2018

How about a destination combining a variety of outdoor adventures and vibrant culture alongside quick access to the mountains? Welcome to Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps.
Taking the high route on the Ettrick Hills.

An intro to... the Southern Upland Way, Scotland’s Coast to Coast Walk

Article · On 9 Sep 2018

The 347km (215 mile) long Southern Upland Way from coast to coast, is Scotland’s longest Great Trail, and now, thanks to a new route through the Ettrick Hills, higher than...
The fertile plain between La Sierra de las Nieves and Ronda (Day 12)

An intro to… the Andalucían Coast to Coast Walk

Article · On 18 Aug 2018 by Guy Hunter-Watts

Guy Hunter-Watts introduces this 21-day trail coast to coast across Andalucía. It's been twenty years in the making and he's excited to share this glorious route with Cicerone readers.
Welcome To Wales A Notice Outside Knighton The Town Where Glyndwrs Way Starts

An intro to... Glyndŵr's Way

Article · On 2 Jun 2018

Glyndŵr’s Way is named after Owain Glyndŵr, and is one of three National Trails in Wales. Find out more about this historic route in our intro to Glyndŵr's Way...
2 This Beach On Lindisfarne Is Typical Of Northumberland's Coastal Scenery

An intro to… Northumberland

Article · On 28 Apr 2018 by Vivienne Crow

Thinking of heading to Northumberland to enjoy the wide variety of walking the county offers? Vivienne Crow, author of the Cicerone guidebook, looks at what walkers can expect.
Descending Into The Langadha Valley

An intro to… the Peloponnese Way

Article · On 18 Apr 2018

An intro to… the Peloponnese Way - the 220km hike across the Greek Peloponnese peninsula. A not technically difficult but challenging trek that can be done in two weeks or...