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The Australian Alpine Walking Track

Feature · On 14 Mar 2020 by Emma Timmis

The Australian Alpine Walking Track is almost unheard of, even in Australia. At 650km, it provided a mentally and physically demanding test for Emma Timmis.
camino Signage

Early days on the Via Francigena in Italy

Article · On 7 Mar 2020 by Melanie Trethowan

Melanie Trethowan left her home in rural New South Wales, Australia, to travel the Italian leg of the Via Francigena.
CAG 7846

Why Kazakhstan, and why on a bicycle?

Feature · On 4 Mar 2020 by Scot Whitlock

Scot Whitlock was looking for somewhere different and dangerous for his next adventure. But in Kazakhstan he found an exciting, interesting and vibrant country, which offers cyclists a unique and...
new mexico snow

Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail: The frozen finish and final thoughts

Feature · On 1 Mar 2020 by Owen Eigenbrot

Owen Eigenbrot has reached the end of the long walk from Canada to Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail and reflects on the final miles that took him there. The...
Pine Tree Island Beach

An Intro To... Walking in Lithuania

Article · On 26 Feb 2020 by Guillaume Martin

Lithuania’s countless blue lakes, dense coniferous forests, traditional wooden villages and a shy network of hiking trails haven’t yet made their way to international fame. Guillaume Martin says join the...
Monte Maniglia summit

Hill-climbing heaven in beautiful Bellino

Feature · On 23 Feb 2020 by John Main

The quiet upper Valle di Bellino offers multiple options for one-day round-trip walks to the many surrounding 3000m+ peaks. It lies between the better-known Monte Viso and Queyras Alps to...
TH 1 View from Ramche South Base Camp

Kanchenjunga Base Camps trek: Where heaven and mountains meet

Feature · On 16 Feb 2020 by Mick Borroff

After hearing about its reputation as one of the most beautiful treks in the world, Mick Borroff decided to undertake the Kanchenjunga Base Camps trek in Nepal and see it...
Pelion Gap

Tough Girl does Tasmania's Overland Track

Article · On 12 Feb 2020 by Sarah Williams

Cicerone quizzes Tough Girl Sarah Williams as she prepares to walk Tasmania’s Overland Track
Meeting the nomadic eagle hunters of Mongolia

Meeting the nomadic eagle hunters of Mongolia

Article · On 8 Feb 2020 by Robin Pritchard

Robin Pritchard travelled to the Altai district of Bayan/Ulgii Province, in the far west of Mongolia, to spend time with the famed Kazakh eagle hunters.
The most westerly point in Europe

Meeting the man who is walking around the world

Article · On 5 Feb 2020 by Alex Gordon

While walking on the west coast of Ireland, Christine Gordon had an extraordinary encounter with Tom Freemantle, a man from Buckinghamshire who was walking around the world. She told her...
Young Basin TH

A beginner’s guide to tramping the Kiwi way

Article · On 1 Feb 2020 by Giorgia Wollner

Cicerone reader Giorgia Wollner gives a personal account of her first experience of multi-day hikes on New Zealand’s South Island, providing a glimpse of the countless wonders that can be...
Saastal Glaciers TH

Our tour of Monte Rosa

Article · On 29 Jan 2020 by Annalisa Mejetta

Having completed the Tour of Mont Blanc in 2015 and the (Reverse) Haute Route from Zermatt to Chamonix in 2017, Annalisa and Stefano Mejetta decided it was finally time to...
14 Innajuattoq hut TH

Escaping wildfire on Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail

Feature · On 19 Jan 2020 by Peter Watson

The remote Arctic Circle Trail had long been on Peter Watson’s bucket list. This summer he finally made it to Greenland’s hinterland, only to be stopped in his tracks by...
Akkajaure coming closer TH

Trekking Padjelantaleden: Swedish Lapland with children

Article · On 15 Jan 2020 by Eberhard Leutz

What do you do when your 7-year-old son (Felix) wants to accompany you on a hiking trip in Sweden because he wants to see reindeer? When you're Eberhard Leutz you...
Roman road

My walk from Sheffield to Santiago: Part 2

Feature · On 15 Dec 2019 by Anne Sheehan

Anne Sheehan recounts the second part of her walk from her home in Sheffield to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.
Day 1 01 The Kyle of Sutherland

Cycling the north coast of Scotland

Feature · On 6 Oct 2019 by James Cox

The North Coast 500™ is a 500-mile lap of Scotland starting and finishing in Inverness, which many people choose to do as a cycle tour. James Cox and his companions...
Gr Markers

Walking 1000 miles across France and Spain on the Camino de Santiago

Feature · On 1 Jun 2019 by Anna Blackwell

Anna Blackwell describes spending her summer holiday walking over 1000 miles across France and Spain. Following ancient pilgrimage routes that make up the Camino de Santiago, she spent three months...
The peak viewed from the East, on Half Dome Trail

Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome

Article · On 2 Feb 2019 by Giles Story

​Climbing the iconic Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is an intimidating prospect; the easiest route is by way of its notorious cable route. For those who fancy the challenge...
3 Virihavvre lake

Trekking the Nordkalottleden: more reindeer than trekkers

Article · On 20 Jan 2019

Scandinavia is the ideal place for immersing yourself in a natural and vast wilderness, a place where you can walk for days without coming across a town or a street...
Bsharri catching the last of the sun’s rays

In a promised land – the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Feature · On 6 Jan 2019 by Mike Laing

Mike Laing spent a week walking part of the Lebanon Mountain Trail, where he discovered dramatic landscapes, a vibrant culture and friendly, welcoming locals.