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Live video: the benefits of running on mental health with Louise Johnstone

Live video: the benefits of running on mental health with Louise Johnstone

Video · On 2 Aug 2020

The Marathon des Sables, triathlons and fastpacking the West Highland Way: community-focused Louise Johnstone is no stranger to challenges. Join Cicerone and Louise to find out about her next epic...
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Hiking the Seensteig in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest

Article · On 29 Sep 2019 by Kat Morgenstern

Kat Morgenstern describes the Seensteig, hidden away in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest. The circular route is surprisingly diverse and interesting, taking in mountains, ancient tarns, and joining up with the...
016 Mardi Gras is called Fasnet and it’s a big deal. Foolishness abounds.

An intro to… the Black Forest in Germany

Article · On 3 Apr 2019 by Kat Morgenstern

Kat Morgenstern introduces the Black Forest - a captivating region of Germany: a land of fairy-tale castles, gorges, forests and medieval villages.
005 Schattenmühle is a guesthouse right in the gorge, at the end of day 2.

Hiking the Schluchtensteig – exploring the gorgeous Black Forest in Germany

Article · On 16 Mar 2019 by Kat Morgenstern

The name Schluchtensteig literally means gorge climb, but Kat Morgenstern prefers a more liberal translation. Gorgeous ramble would perfectly befit this beautiful trail through Germany's Black Forest.
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Walking in the Bavarian Alps with a dog: the pros and cons

Feature · On 4 Aug 2018 by Grant Bourne

Grant Bourne, the co-author, along with wife Sabine, of Walking in the Bavarian Alps, gives a brief insight into the advantages and disadvantages of walking with a dog. Apart from...
Europe's highest military cemetery at Hochgränton Pass

The Karnischer Höhenweg – a walk through history

Feature · On 16 Jun 2018 by John Hayes

John Hayes heard about the Karnischer Höhenweg by chance when sitting out a storm in an Austrian Alpine hut with four young men from Vienna. He took their advice to...
A rare patch of green on trail back to Kärlinger Haus

In the Steinernes Meer: A three-day hike through Berchtesgaden National Park in the Bavarian Alps

Feature · On 10 Jun 2018 by Grant Bourne and Sabine Körner-Bourne

While researching the new edition of their guide Walking in the Bavarian Alps, Grant Bourne and his wife and co-author Sabine had the opportunity to revisit this magnificent walk. In...
Why I was inspired to write a guidebook to the Traumpfad

Why I was inspired to write a guidebook to the Traumpfad or the Munich to Venice trek

Video · On 30 Nov 2016 by John Hayes

The Munich to Venice trek, or Traumpfad, stole John Hayes' heart. Let him explain why he was so keen to write about it in a new Cicerone guidebook.
Why walk from Munich to Venice? Let John Hayes explain.

Why walk from Munich to Venice? Let John Hayes explain.

Article · On 11 Nov 2016 by John Hayes

There's a new trekking guidebook to The Dream Way or Traumpfad from Munich to Venice. But why? What ties these cities together and why should you do this allegedly classic...
On Top Of The  Tux  Alps

Trekking from Munich to Venice: Der Traumpfad

Feature · On 7 Nov 2016 by John Hayes

Der Traumpfad is a must-do trek for German walkers looking for an epic trans-alpine adventure between Munich and Venice, combining challenging terrain, spectacular scenery and culture. Now, thanks to a...
Hiking The  Westweg

Above the clouds on Germany's Westweg

Feature · On 7 Nov 2016 by Kat Morgenstern

Stretching 290km, the Westweg is one of Germany’s classic long-distance trekking routes. Leading through the Black Forest, from Pforzheim in the north to Basel in the far south-west, it provides...
The Westweg in Germany's Black Forest

An intro to... The Westweg in Germany's Black Forest

Article · On 2 Nov 2016

The Westweg is one of Germany's oldest and greatest long distance treks, set up by the ambitious Schwarzwaldverein, or Black Forest Association. Their plans to entice walkers to Germany came...
Black  Forest Cycling

Move over, BMW: cycle touring in Germany

Feature · On 2 Oct 2016 by Kat Morgenstern

The last thing you'd expect from a country that enjoys worldwide fame for its eminent position in the automobile industry is that it also ranks as one of the top...
Give the gift of a Cicerone guide

Cicerone guidebooks make great gifts

News & Events · On 22 Jul 2016

Theresa May presents Angela Merkel with Cicerone guide to Snowdonia
Cycling along the Danube

Cycling the Danube: Budapest to the Black Sea Part 1

Feature · On 11 Mar 2016 by Tim Salmon

In this first of three articles Tim Salmon describes a journey he and his wife Camilla made along the lesser-travelled lower Danube, from Budapest across Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and along...
11  Sommet De Cremon 600X450

A Tale of Six Guidebooks (Tell Us Your Story)

Article · On 9 Mar 2016 by Mick Borroff

In a guest blog post, Mick Borroff tells us a tale of six guidebooks - how the weather led to some changes of plan, but it all worked out beautifully.
The Danube by numbers

The Danube by numbers

Article · On 26 Feb 2016

The Danube is a remarkably long river and following it from source to the sea makes for a largely easy cycle ride on, usually, very well maintained and signed paths...

Climb Every Mountain: A musical history tour above Salzburg

Feature · On 10 May 2015 by Andy Hodges

The Sound of Music and Hitler's Eagles Nest are secondary to the stunning walking and trekking in the hills of Berchtesgaden, close to Salzburg. Andy Hodges describes some walking and...

Cycling the Romantic Road

Feature · On 10 May 2015 by Judith Forsyth and Neil Forsyth

Neil and Judith Forsyth share the art, architecture and larger-than-life characters of one of the oldest tourist routes in the world, the Romantic Road through Bavaria in southern Germany, from...
The Rhine Cycle Route with a Cicerone Guide

The Rhine Cycle Route: from source to sea

Article · On 27 Apr 2015 by Mike Wells

The Rhine Cycle Route, passing through six countries, is a delightful journey and one that continues to inspire Mike Wells, author of the Cicerone Press guidebook. In this blog post...