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14 Innajuattoq hut TH

Escaping wildfire on Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail

Feature · On 19 Jan 2020 by Peter Watson

The remote Arctic Circle Trail had long been on Peter Watson’s bucket list. This summer he finally made it to Greenland’s hinterland, only to be stopped in his tracks by...
02 A bus ride up a dirt road allows the trail to be started on Greenland’s ice cap

Why you should trek the classic Arctic Circle Trail, with a few top tips from Paddy Dillon

Feature · On 3 Mar 2019 by Paddy Dillon

There might be big changes coming to Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail, so now would be a good time to start making plans in order to experience the ‘classic’ route, says...
Greenland - Walking the Arctic Circle Trail

Greenland - Walking the Arctic Circle Trail

Article · On 2 Feb 2014 by Paddy Dillon

The very idea of trekking the longest waymarked trail in Greenland must conjure up images of endless ice-fields, marauding polar bears, desperate struggles for survival and huge expense. In fact...
Breathtaking Views Of Iceland

Iceland Guidebook Review

Article · On 8 Mar 2013 by Paddy Dillon

The verdict from expert Dick Phillips on our Iceland guidebook.

A chat with Paddy about Walking and Trekking in Iceland

Video · On 29 Jan 2013 by Paddy Dillon

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the premiere of Cicerone's very first film. Where better to start than with an interview with one of Cicerone's most prolific authors, Paddy Dillon, about...
Arctic Circle Trail

Walking the Arctic Circle Trail

Article · On 1 Dec 2011

If remote walking in isolated and pristine mountain wilderness is your thing read on. As two wilderness loving people, we decided to set off for the unknown shores of Greenland...