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Live video: the benefits of running on mental health with Louise Johnstone

Live video: the benefits of running on mental health with Louise Johnstone

Video · On 2 Aug 2020

The Marathon des Sables, triathlons and fastpacking the West Highland Way: community-focused Louise Johnstone is no stranger to challenges. Join Cicerone and Louise to find out about her next epic...
Akkajaure coming closer TH

Trekking Padjelantaleden: Swedish Lapland with children

Article · On 15 Jan 2020 by Eberhard Leutz

What do you do when your 7-year-old son (Felix) wants to accompany you on a hiking trip in Sweden because he wants to see reindeer? When you're Eberhard Leutz you...
Original prisma cabin at Sälka

Hut life on the Kungsleden

Feature · On 25 May 2019 by Mike Laing

Mountain stations (fjällstationer) and mountain huts (fjällstugor) are encountered on three of the five sections that make up the Kungsleden, Sweden’s premier long-distance trail, and can prove to be an...
6 Typical suspension bridge found on the trail, this one being close to Kebnekaise.

An intro to... the Kungsleden

Article · On 14 Apr 2019 by Mike Laing

Mike Laing introduces the 460km Kungsleden (or King’s Trail), Sweden’s foremost long-distance trail.
3 Virihavvre lake

Trekking the Nordkalottleden: more reindeer than trekkers

Article · On 20 Jan 2019

Scandinavia is the ideal place for immersing yourself in a natural and vast wilderness, a place where you can walk for days without coming across a town or a street...
Mid-winter afternoon sun over the Telemark, north of Rjukan on the Hardangervidda plateau.

Sub-zero on the Telemark: Iceclimbing and other activities in Norway

Article · On 2 Dec 2018 by Ali Rowsell

Rjukan in Norway is the ultimate winter outdoor adventure location, offering plentiful opportunities to explore and participate in the range of activities on its doorstep. Ali Rowsell suggests some things...
Not far to go!

What I learned skiing Norge På Langs, Norway from end to end.

Feature · On 27 May 2018 by Tania Noakes

Tania Noakes is back from skiing Norge På Langs which is the full length of Norway. Here, she tells us what she learned and how chocolate helped her to complete...
Ice Ultra 18 Yeti Nordisk 2 (Mikkel Beisner)

Damian Hall on winning the Ice Ultra in Sweden

Article · On 11 Apr 2018 by Damian Hall

Damian Hall has won the Ice Ultra in Sweden - here we ask him about his race preparation, the dizzy heights of appearing on local radio and how he avoided...
Trekking in Svalbard

Spitsbergen: The end of the world - Trekking in your 70s

Feature · On 14 Jan 2018 by Clive Darley and Jennifer Darley

Clive and Jennifer Darley believe age should be no barrier to having great adventures in the mountains: "Equipped with a cardiac pacemaker and a prosthetic hip and with a combined...
Skiing Banner

Norge På Langs, “Skiing Norway from end to end”

Feature · On 20 Dec 2017 by Tania Noakes

Tania Noakes, writer, adventurer and IFMGA Mountain guide, is about to set off on the journey of a lifetime - something she has dreamed of for years: to ski Norway...
The View South East From Ryggjehoe

Walking in the Ice Age: October in Jotunheimen

Feature · On 4 Dec 2017 by Alex Kendall

Norway's great Jotenheimen National Park is home to the country's highest peak, Galdhøppigen. Experienced trekker and Cicerone author Alex Kendall decided on a trip in October - did he time...
How about a mountain for your birthday

Fancy getting a mountain for your birthday?

News & Events · On 1 Aug 2016

Then make friends with Norway... Is this the most unexpected update to a guide, ever?