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A gem of a trail

Exploring mountain bike trails in Rwanda

Feature · On 11 Jul 2020 by Jan Bakker

Mountain bike enthusiast and Cicerone author Jan Bakker is on a quest to find mountain bike tracks in the east-central African country of Rwanda
Berber village on route to Timichi TH

Hiking in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco

Feature · On 2 Feb 2020 by Steve Barham

After years of being asked, Steve Barham finally went hiking in the High Atlas in Morocco, where he was warmly welcomed to its exotic and exciting landscapes.
Red sand roads

Running the Freedom Trail in South Africa

Feature · On 1 Dec 2019 by Emma Timmis

The 2400km Freedom Trail in South Africa is not a running trail or even a hiking route, but could it be? Emma Timmis decided to find out. With only her...
Tazga Christmas

Christmas in Africa

Feature · On 27 Nov 2019 by David Wood

Exotic as it sounds, taking a Christmas break in North Africa can be light on the wallet as well as the stomach. Here, David Wood describes how some new discoveries...
The view from Margherita Peak

Mud, sweat and tears: Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains

Feature · On 24 Nov 2019 by Jan Bakker

Jan Bakker takes on the challenge of trekking in Uganda’s spectacular and demanding Rwenzori Mountains – in some surprising kit.
3  Tizi Ridge And Tizi Ou Manouze From Tasselt

Scrambling in the sunshine – spring in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Feature · On 24 Apr 2019 by Mick Borroff

Mick Borroff recounts his first trip to the Moroccan Anti-Atlas - a place of fantastic mountains, ridgeline scrambles, gorgeous gorges and painted rocks.
The eastern Ameln Valley showing Adrar Idekel and Ardrar Mqorn

A traverse of the Moroccan north west Anti-Atlas from Ait Baha to the Ait Mansour or Teneglitche Gorge.

Feature · On 5 Jan 2019 by David Wood

The Anti-Atlas mountain range lies just below the city of Agadir and to the south west of the High Atlas. Here you will find both adventure and tranquillity in the...
Looking past the ‘painted rocks’ south of Toubkal in the early evening

Celebrating Fifty Years... Exploring Morocco's Anti-Atlas

Feature · On 30 Nov 2018 by Jonathan Williams

Jonathan looks back on a particularly memorable trip to the mountains of Morocco with his son (and excellent rescuer) Joe Williams. This short story is taken from the commemorative book...
01  The Ameln Summits

Exploring Jebel El Kest and the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Feature · On 24 Nov 2018 by David Wood

The western Anti-Atlas is known to rock climbers and a small group of road-trip travellers. Its principal mountain, Jebel El Kest, was featured in a Cicerone Extra article by Jonathan...
Cirque De Salazie

Hiking in the cirques, l'île de La Réunion

Feature · On 14 Nov 2018 by Alex Stearn

When Réunion was suggested to Alex and Alice Stearn as a honeymoon destination, it didn’t take all that much googling to see that it was the sort of place the...
049 Sign Board At Uhuru Peak On The Roof Of Africa The Goal Of Many

Choosing a route to climb Kilimanjaro

Article · On 16 May 2018 by Alex Stewart

There are six ways of getting to the summit of Kilimanjaro, but which of the routes up the mountain is best for you? Alex Stewart gives an overview of the...
011 Mawenzi Seen At Dusk Above Band Of Cloud From Kibo Hut Rongai Route Mawenzi Tarn Hut To Kibo

Can anyone climb Kilimanjaro, and other frequently asked questions

Article · On 27 Jan 2018 by Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart, author of the Cicerone guidebook to trekking Kilimanjaro, answers some frequently asked questions about trekking to the roof of Africa.

James goes walking in the Drakensberg

Feature · On 5 Jun 2017 by James Benson

Cicerone's Sales Rep James visits South Africa, decides that Table Mountain would not make for a decent piece of furniture, and discovers the brutality of Bugger Gully.
Where is the Drakensberg? The World Heritage Site you've never heard of

Where is the Drakensberg? The World Heritage Site you've never heard of

Article · On 26 Apr 2017 by Jeff Williams

Somewhere is a land of spectacular natural beauty; an extraordinary mountain range of huge peaks, towering basalt cliffs, massive sandstone outcrops, deep gorges and crystal-clear mountain streams. This strange land...
Screen Shot 2018 03 26 At 11 59 55

Where is the Drakensberg

Video · On 26 Apr 2017

Somewhere is a land of spectacular natural beauty; a mountain range of huge peaks and crystal-clear streams. But almost nobody has heard of the Drakensberg.
Cover  Montane Rainforest In  Rwandas  Nyungwe National Park

The land of a thousand hills: trekking and tracking in Rwanda

Feature · On 5 Dec 2016 by Mike Wells

Mike Wells escapes the crowds in Africa’s most densely populated country tracking chimpanzees and trekking to the source of the Nile in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park.
Jebel Toubkal

Climbing Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morocco

Feature · On 8 May 2016 by Jonathan Cook

Morocco holds an immediate and enduring fascination, a blend of the exotic and the unfamiliar. Despite years of French and Spanish colonial rule it seems far removed from western Europe...

Jebel el Kest: A stunning day in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

Feature · On 10 May 2015 by Jonathan Williams

The ascent of Jebel el Kest in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas is a stunning day in remote mountains – one of the very best hill days. Cicerone’s Publisher, Jonathan Williams, explored the...

Climbing the Bedouin routes of Wadi Rum

Feature · On 10 Feb 2015 by Tony Howard

The story of the first western climbers to tackle the magnificent climbs on the ancient Bedouin hunting routes of Wadi Rum, Jordan. This Middle Eastern region is home to some...
Andy Hodges Jebel Toubkal

Cicerone to the rescue in Morocco

News & Events · On 25 Mar 2014 by Andy Hodges

One of our authors, Andy Hodges assists a struggling Polish climber whilst on a training trip to Morocco.