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The Refuge d’Ortu di U Piobbu has burnt down. Image from Corse Matin.

Hut issues and storm damage on the Tour of Mont Blanc, the GR20 and the Dolomites

News & Events · On 10 Jun 2019 by Kev Reynolds, Paddy Dillon and Gillian Price

We have had news from several customers and authors about storm damage and hut issues in several key trekking areas. Please check our information below and let us know if...
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12 things I learned from my recent trip to the Alps

Article · On 27 Jun 2018 by Joe Williams

Cicerone’s Joe Williams recently returned from a two-week holiday in the Alps. The original plan had been to do some alpine climbing, but snow and weather caused a change of...
The Refuge de Bellachat (2152m)

One of the best mountain huts of all time, according to Kev Reynolds

Article · On 23 Jun 2018 by Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds describes one of his favourite mountain huts of all time, the Refuge de Bellachat in the Mont Blanc range in France.
Chamanna Coaz at the head of Val Roseg in the Bernina Alps

Practicalities of staying in a mountain hut

Article · On 8 Apr 2018 by Kev Reynolds

It is important, when planning a mountain trip – especially out of season – to do your homework first. Will the huts be open and manned? Will there be room...
Alpine Snowbell

Hidden Gem – Alpine Flowers

Article · On 4 Apr 2018

A mini guide to help you recognise 230 alpine flowers. In just 144 pages this lovely little book will give both pleasure and knowledge.
Running To The Refuge De Loriaz

Winter trail running adventures in Chamonix

Article · On 30 Mar 2018 by Kingsley Jones

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to hang up your trail shoes in exchange for skis.​Trail runner Kingsley Jones trains year-round, and if you know what you’re doing...
(Photo by Kev Reynolds taken from 'Walking in the Alps')

How tough should I be for walking in the Alps?

Article · On 5 Jul 2017 by Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds, author, speaker and expert on all things mountainous, answers the often asked question: "How tough should I be for walking in the Alps?".
Try To Avoid Feeling Exhausted By The Time You Top Out Remember You Have A Massive Descent Too

Top Tips for Mountain Biking in the Slovenian Alps

Feature · On 3 Apr 2017 by Rob Houghton

Rob Houghton takes some time out over the winter to reminisce on his mountain biking research trips to Slovenia. Using his own hard-won experience, he provides some advice for those...
Trail running in Chamonix

Trail Running in Chamonix – the ‘Vallee du Trail’

Feature · On 10 Apr 2016 by Kingsley Jones

Author of Trail Running - Chamonix and the Mont Blanc region, Kingsley Jones offers a tantalising taste of the magic that is trail running in Chamonix and the Mont Blanc...
Trekking Tour Mont Blanc

Trekking with an Infant 3: Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Feature · On 11 Mar 2016 by Jen Lumanlan

Jen Lumanlan travelled from the USA and did the Tour of Mont Blanc with her daughter when Carys was only eight weeks old. This article is the third of three...
Trek Infant2 Headercover

Trekking with an infant 2: Before you go

Feature · On 8 Feb 2016 by Jen Lumanlan

Jen Lumanlan travelled from the USA and hiked the Tour of Mont Blanc with her daughter when Carys was only eight weeks old. This article is the second of three...
Trekking with an infant

Trekking with an infant 1: Starting to plan

Feature · On 8 Dec 2015 by Jen Lumanlan

Jen Lumanlan traveled from the USA and did the Tour of Mont Blanc with her daughter when Carys was only 8 weeks old. This article is the first of three...
Top Tips for European Trek Packing

Top tips for European trek packing

Feature · On 4 Jun 2015 by Jonathan Williams and Lesley Williams

Jonathan Williams, Cicerone’s Publisher, and Lesley Williams, Cicerone’s Marketing Director, open the lid on some of their secrets for trekking with a light rucksack but still taking everything you need...

Snowshoeing in the Alps near Chamonix

Feature · On 19 Nov 2014 by Hilary Sharp

International Mountain Leader Hilary Sharp describes the fun and techniques of snowshoeing in the French Alps near Chamonix – 'one of the most enjoyable activities you can do in the snow’.
Early season snow in the Alps

Watch out for early season snow in the Alps

Article · On 9 Jul 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Stay safe on your Alpine walking holiday this summer.
Why choose to check the GR5 French Alps

Why choose to trek the GR5 through the French Alps?

Article · On 9 Oct 2012 by Lesley Williams

A graceful ridge soars away to the south, its flanks of grass and faded alpen rose like rippled antique green velvet, enticing your eyes and quickening your heart. This was...
Stubai Glacier Tour

Austria's Stubai Glacier Tour: a perfect summer trekking challenge

Article · On 12 Jun 2012 by Allan Hartley

Not got any plans for the summer yet? Looking for a challenge and stunning scenery? Then this is the trek for you. Austria is renown for having fabulous mountain treks...
Tour of Mont Blanc

Tour of Mont Blanc - Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise?

Article · On 12 Dec 2011 by Kev Reynolds

Although the Tour of Mont Blanc route is well established as an anti-clockwise circuit, there are arguments in favour of walking the TMB in a clockwise direction.
Hut trip to the Alps

Planning your first hut to hut trip to the Alps

Article · On 29 Nov 2011

Planning your first hut to hut trip. There has to be a first time for everyone. If you are 'into mountains' for walking, trekking or climbing, sooner or later the...