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Cicerone coronavirus status

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We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well during this time. We currently have a smaller team working from home, and we are beginning to prepare some great new guidebooks for publication over the next few months, while some of our staff remain furloughed for a little longer.

Our website remains operational and the team at our warehouse is working hard to prepare your orders, but please be patient as books are currently taking longer to pick and pack, as they are working within tight restrictions and social distancing. Browse to your heart's content!

If you have queries, messages or any other communication, please contact us by e-mail. Please do not phone while our offices are closed as your call cannot be taken.

All our lives have been completely disrupted and we are having to be creative about how to enjoy the outdoors – according to the country in which you live. As travel and lockdown restrictions are lifted, we suggest that you focus your outdoor plans on areas where the infection rates are at their lowest, and be as careful as possible to minimise any risks to local communities. Some of the best and more isolated regions of the UK for example are also some of the least well served by medical facilities, so respect and care are the key words. Here is some information on general travel status updates, and daily updates for camino and pilgrim trails.

We have needed to make some major adjustments to our publishing schedule to account for the fall in sales due to restrictions on travel. Publication of new titles to destinations outside of the UK have been postponed for several months or into next year. Other new titles will be postponed, depending upon how much demand there is likely to be. A crystal ball would be useful...

We wish you all the best at this difficult time. Thank you for your wonderful loyalty and support, and we look forward to a brighter future.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

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