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Saturday 18th Jan 2020 - 9:00am to Sunday 19th Jan 2020 - 5:00pm

The Adventure Travel Show 2020

Cicerone will be back at the Adventure Travel Show for 2020. There's a huge variety of talks and workshops available over the weekend as well as opportunities to meet some of our authors and ask your own questions.

Book now using this link and get 10% off the advance ticket price for day or weekend tickets:


The offer ends 17-01-20 after which the cost of entry is £14 for the day or £26 for the weekend.

Please note: all workshops must be prebooked and paid for. However, we will be giving each participant a gift voucher for £20 worth of Cicerone guidebooks. 'Tis the season of goodwill after all.



To book, follow this link to the Adventure Travel Show workshops page.

Making your first multi-day trek a success

with Kat Davis, Paddy Dillon, Lesley Williams

Saturday 09.30-11.00

If your first and only experience of long-distance walking or hiking was struggling with a heavy-laden pack on a camping trip with school or a youth group – think again!

Multi-day walking trips can be a wonderful experience – a journey of discovery and immensely rewarding, but only when you get things right.

This introductory workshop will cover all the key aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, and our expert panel will be on hand to help you choose a great route to ensure your first trek is an enjoyable and safe experience.

Alpine and European trekking for all – choosing and walking the right routes
Alpine and European trekking workshop

Alpine and European trekking for all – choosing and walking the right routes

With Jonathan Williams, Mike Laing, Alex Kendall, Kat Davis, Paddy Dillon

Saturday 18th January 13.30-15.00

Sunday 19th January 12.00-13.30

The popularity of trekking in the Alps is a growing phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why – photographs of happy trekkers on easy paths, against a background of snow covered peaks and azure lakes.

Trekking in the Alps and the rest of Europe can be a wonderful experience and immensely rewarding. The most popular routes range hugely in difficulty, so choosing a trek appropriate to your experience and fitness will make a massive difference to your enjoyment.

This workshop will cover the key aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, and our expert panel will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas, whether you are a seasoned alpine trekker looking for something a bit different, or planning your first European trek.

Trekking and journeys beyond the Alps and Europe – key information, tips and inspiration for trekking ‘out there’.

With Cress Allwood, Kat Davis, Mike Laing, Alex Kendall

Sunday 19th January 14.00-15.30

Adventure travel can mean different things to different people, but outside the relative security and familiarity of Europe, there’s a big world out there, full of quite different sights, sounds, smells and landscapes.

Whether you are climbing Kilimanjaro, exploring the Inca Trails of Peru or planning a pioneering trip deep into Tajikistan, our panel of experts will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas and insight from their own wide range of experiences.

This workshop will mainly take the form of open discussion to cover aspects of preparation, kit, logistics and fitness, as well as the additional issues and psychology related to remote and wilderness trekking.

Kumano Kodo3Cycle touring northern Scotland

Trekking in the Himalaya and the rest of the world – key information, tips and ideas for group and independent trekking

With Cress Allwood, Jonathan Williams, Mike Laing

Saturday 18th 11.30-13.00

The Himalaya have always fed the dreams and called to those who love wild places. Stretching from Pakistan through Northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan

the Himalaya offer an unparalleled wealth of landscapes and trekking opportunities.

Himalayan trekking and logistics are very different, so our panel of experts will be happy to discuss ideas and options, including the issues of food, tea houses and lodges versus camping, altitude, fitness, gear and permits, from their own extensive experience.

This workshop will mainly focus on the particular issues related to Himalayan trekking, although some coverage of other trekking locations outside of Europe will be included if time allows. A more focussed workshop for trekking outside Europe will be offered on Sunday 19th from 14.00-15.30.

Cycle touring – trekking on a bicycle, UK to worldwide

With Cress Allwood, Mike Wells

Saturday 18th January 15.30-17.00

Sunday 19th January 10.00-11.30

Cycle touring is a great way to explore further, and slightly faster, but still with time to enjoy the scenery you pass through, with plenty of fresh air!

Cycle touring has become increasingly popular, particularly with the development of better bike design and performance, and the advent of the e-bike. The most popular routes range hugely in difficulty however, so choosing a tour appropriate to your experience and fitness will make a massive difference to your enjoyment.

This workshop will cover the key aspects of preparation, kit, choice of bike/maintenance, training, fitness and injury prevention, and our expert panel will be happy to discuss some suitable ideas, whether you are an experienced cyclist looking for something a bit different, or planning your first cycle touring trip.

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Cicerone Speakers

These special talks will take place in one of the four Adventure Travel lecture theatres and are free to ticket holders.

The Kungsleden – A Trail for Everyone

Mike Laing

Located in Northern Sweden, the 460km Kungsleden is Sweden’s premier long-distance trail. Along its length the trail traverses a diverse and fascinating range of remote and unspoilt landscapes. Much of the trail is furnished with Swedish Tourist Association huts (fjällstugor) whose facilities present walkers with the opportunity to minimise their loads and also for family groups and less experienced walkers to enjoy the remoteness. At the same time, there are also many opportunities for more experienced walkers to go self-sufficient and find tranquil spots to camp and enjoy the surroundings. Being split into five distinct sections, the Kungsleden can be completed in a single through hike, or in repeated visits doing a section at a time. Although long and remote, the Kungsleden really is a trail that can be tackled and enjoyed by walkers of all description.

The Kungsleden in SwedenJapan's Kumano KodoCanary Islands copy

Island hopping in the Canary Islands – Trekking the GR131

Paddy Dillon

Sit back and enjoy a whistle stop tour of the Canary Islands – a month-long, 563km trekking route from Lanzarote to El Hierro across each of the 7 Canary Islands, a sub-tropical winter walking paradise. The GR131 is an ambitious trail that strives to make high-level coast to coast traverses across all seven Canary Islands. Two decades in the making, the trail passes through a variety of landscapes. Expect to find sandy deserts, rugged lava flows, deep canyons, arid scrub, laurisilva 'cloud forest', extensive pine forests and awesome, rugged mountains that catch snow in the winter months. The highest mountain on Spanish territory, El Teide, can be climbed as an 'extra'. The trail runs from Órzola in Lanzarote to the original 'zero meridian' art the edge of the world... before Columbus discovered America.

The Azores - Nine Islands in the mid-Atlantic

Paddy Dillon

The Azores archipelago is remarkably remote, yet easy to visit. Nine volcanic islands straddle three continental plates, featuring astounding landscapes and vivid colours. Rugged lava flows contrast with indicate stone-walled fields grazed by dairy herds. Huge volcanic craters contain lakes and there are active geothermal areas and spas. Mountains can be climbed, waterfalls can be admired and there are opportunities to explore underground in lava tubes and old magma chambers. A splendid network of signposted and waymarked trails has been established, opening up the islands to grateful walkers.

Japan for adventure travel, and the Kumano Kodo: the UNESCO World Heritage trek

Kat Davis

Join Kat to discover that Japan offers something for every adventure traveller, from short easy hikes to challenging mountain traverses. Gain some insight into how to make the most of a trip to Japan, and in particular, experience a remote, ancient and spiritual Japan while hiking the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails that traverse the sacred mountains of the Kii Peninsula, due south of Kyoto. Follow in Emperor’s and samurai’s footsteps through verdant forested mountains to the three grand shrines of Kumano. Stay in a temple and eat Buddhist vegetarian cuisine in Koyasan, the high mountain basin and headquarters of the Shingon school of Buddhism established in 816.

Walking on the AzoresDanube2DanubeCycle touring N Scotland3

Cycling through the heart of Europe, the Danube Cycleway from Black Forest to Black Sea

Mike Wells

The 2772km Danube is the second longest river in Europe, flowing from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea coast of Romania. Mike Wells cycled the Danube Cycleway twice when writing his two-volume guide to the route, experiencing the cultures of ten different countries and learning how to order a beer in seven different languages. The total ride takes about five weeks, but it can be ridden in two or three trips by breaking the journey in Budapest or Vienna and Belgrade. Mike will describe the preparation needed for such a journey and his experiences following Europe’s most iconic river.

Not the NC500; a cycle friendly route around the north coast of Scotland

Mike Wells

Regarded as one of the most remote and scenic parts of Britain, the far north of Scotland has been opened up to tourists by a 500mile touring route known as the North Coast 500 (NC500). Designed principally for motorised visitors, this route does not take into account the different needs of cyclists. Mike Wells has devised an alternative cycle route that avoids some of the busiest main roads and the steepest hills, yet still stays true to the idea of opening up Scotland’s scenic beauty to visitors. He will outline how cycle tourists can experience everything northern Scotland has to offer without having to dodge speeding traffic or drag their bikes up 20% gradients.