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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about retail availability and distribution

I don’t live in the UK. Where can I buy your books?

Through the internet (ideally ourselves but also from or if you prefer). Usually we will be able to deliver quicker.

In some countries we have good solid sales in bookstores. In the Netherlands Cicerone guides are generally available in travel bookstores. Belgium is similar.

In France we generally manage to get the guides to regions such as the Alps well, although only a limited number of outlets (Au Vieux Campeur) have a good range. In Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain the guides for particular regions are usually available locally.

In the US there is reasonable availability through the main chains (Barnes and Noble and Borders) and, on the outdoor side, REI and some other specialists. Their ranges are limited and usually the guide will have to be ordered from our US distributors, so it may take a few days.

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