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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about publishing and which guides we make

Why are your books different colours?

We have recently refreshed our front covers to make them bolder, brighter and easier to recognise. The bigger photographs and improved information on the back cover and spine will help you to quickly focus on the topic, country, content and highlights of each guide. Each series is colour coded by activity and the colours have changed in the redesign. The colour coding is now as follows: light blue - International day walk collections, dark blue - International treks, dark red - UK long distance paths, green - UK day/short walk collections, purple - UK mountain walks, teal - technical routes, orange - cycling.

With over 340 guides, the colour-coded covers help readers distinguish the different types of guide at a glance. It is not a perfect system – there are anomalies as many guides cover a range of activities. Please let us know on a feedback form if it is unclear.

The updated designs will be appearing on new titles being published and on new editions from October 2014. If you would like to swap your 'old' book for a new cover edition then please click here to find out about our New Guide for Old scheme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only publish guidebooks?
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