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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about retail availability and distribution

Why can’t I find Cicerone guides in my local bookshop?

We would love you to be able to buy a Cicerone guide anywhere and everywhere.

But it is important to be realistic.

Firstly many bookshops are small. There are well over 1 million titles in print at any time, well over 100,000 titles are published every year, and even a big bookstore can only have room for 20-40,000 titles. Bookshops must select titles well to survive and thrive, so often want to concentrate on best selling books.

Often you will be able to find our local titles and more popular and better selling guides in shops. Although you won’t find every book in every bookshop, an increasing number of shops do a great job in stocking and presenting our guides and we thank them for that.

And a good number of stores do specialise in the travel field. These are listed on the STORE FINDER part of this website and these will have a good selection. The list includes bookstores and outdoor stores. Of course any store can order a guide for you, or you can always buy direct from Cicerone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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