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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about who Cicerone are

Why do you only publish guidebooks?

Guides are most of what we publish, but we do have a few pictorial books such as Alpine Points of View and the Atlas of the Lake District, and other ‘inspirational’ books such as Walking in the Alps.

Why do we concentrate so much on guides, and why do we occasionally digress? This goes back to our mission, to be the best publisher of walking, trekking, mountaineering and other outdoor pursuits guides such as cycling. We think this includes both information and inspiration, so we do allow ourselves a few projects that are not pure guides but which are designed to reinforce what we do, give inspiration and new ideas to current users, and to attract new users to Cicerone.

Also, guidebooks are a fairly specialised area and need specific skills and resources to do it really well, day in day out. We do find it better to concentrate on this strength and to work to improve our skills all the time. We hope that you agree that we largely succeed. Certainly you, our users, are the first to tell us if something isn’t quite as good as it should be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The guide I ordered is not what I thought I wanted. What do I do now?
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Why don’t you take American Express cards?
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