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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about activities Cicerone guides cover?

The maps in Cicerone guides are great. Do I need to buy the real maps?

Yes, we recommend that you buy the best maps possible for the route you are tackling. The sketch or map extracts we use in the guides are designed to help with planning your route, to show what you are getting in to. For detailed on-the-ground navigation please see the maps recommended in each guide, where the author, drawing on all his experience of the region, indicates the maps he or she regards as best for the purpose.

Where possible we have listed on the website the recommended maps with each book. Details are also included in all of our guides.

Ordnance Survey and Harvey maps are generally available throughout the UK, especially in the regions that each map covers.

International maps are available from specialist map suppliers such as Stanfords, The Map Shop at Upton on Severn, and the Hereford Map Centre. click here to see a list of our recommended international map specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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