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Sunrise over the Grand Casse from Refuge Plan Sec, Vanoise National Park
Sunrise over the Grand Casse from Refuge Plan Sec, Vanoise National Park

Great places to stay in the mountains – refuges, huts and bothies

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We celebrate everything that's great about staying the night high in the mountains – warm, dry and safe in a mountain hut; and then to wake to a new day of adventure. Mountain huts and bothies enable the trekker to carry only a lightweight pack on a journey through the mountains, rather than be limited to circular day walks. Each overnight stay becomes part of that journey, the atmosphere, the sunsets and views, and the strangers who become friends.

Approaching the Rotstock HutThe original Refuge de VallonpierreThe original Refuge Vallonpierre The original Refuge VallonpierreRefugio Benevolo, Gran Paradiso

Alpine huts can come in all shapes and sizes, and range from the most basic of bivouac shelters for climbers and mountaineers to larger establishments that almost resemble hotels, with hot showers, three course meals and private rooms.

Are you interested, and want to find out more? The Mountain Hut Book will reveal some of the history, traditions and tips on staying in mountain refuges, together with some routes to Kev Reynolds' favourite huts in the Alps.


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