Cicerone Help & FAQs

How do you decide which guidebook​s to publish?

As we only cover outdoor activities and are walkers and trekkers ourselves, we hope we have our ear close to the ground.

Ideas can come from almost anywhere.

One is users calling in asking for the Cicerone guidebook to somewhere when we don’t have one. After a few calls we finally get the message.

Other editors and magazines often have ideas – ‘why don’t you do a guidebook to ABC?’ which we investigate. Likewise retailers and our distributors around the world make many suggestions for guides.

Our authors are a fertile source of ideas and we work closely with them to develop a range of guide ideas.

And we have our own opinions and ideas about what we should cover.

Out of all this, plus a little more formal thinking, comes a broad plan of what we will be doing over the next few years. We tend to be scheduled about 2 years ahead, but have a rough plan that keeps us thinking up to five years in the future.

You are welcome to Suggest a Guidebook if you have a great idea that we may not have thought of. If you are an author and want to make a proposal, please read our Prospective Authors information.