Cicerone Help & FAQs

How do I open the GPX files?

These instructions assume you have already downloaded your GPX files. If not then please see the How do I get the GPX files for my guidebook FAQ first.

On a desktop computer (suggested method):

  • The downloaded files will be contained in a .zip folder.
  • Find your downloaded file and click on it. Most computers will "unzip" the files automatically.
  • Once the files are downloaded you can import them into the GPX reader of your choice. They will not work without a GPX reader.
  • Open your reader and follow their instructions for importing routes.
  • Depending on the tools available, you will then be able to transfer these routes to your mobile device / GPS.

On a mobile device:

  • At the moment we cannot recommend an easy way to download, extract and open GPX files on a mobile device. Viewranger are looking into a solution for us. We strongly recommend downloading and extracting the GPX files on a desktop computer and making sure they work before you need to use them.

GPX Readers: