Cicerone Help & FAQs

I use my GPS all the time. Why do I need a guidebook?

For navigation, the GPS is great. Navigation gurus do have reservations about them. For instance, if it breaks down or runs out of power, can you still navigate using the sheet map?

Our view is that the GPS is a great way to fix where you are, but a less strong tool for showing where to go. Our guides should help with this.

But the real difference is that the guide suggests why you should go there. Cicerone guides are full of ideas for routes, variants, and commentary on what you will find when you get there. Our authors are all experts in particular regions, so help take you to the very best routes and places.

In a way, therefore, we help supply the purpose, the ‘why’. And the guidebook, together with map and GPS plus your own walking experience (and legs), supply the ‘how’.