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Low Force in Teesdale

Hidden Gem – Teesdale, and the wild open spaces of the northern Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Upper Teesdale lies within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, affectionately known as 'England's Last Wilderness'. If your idea of 'getting away from it all' is to enjoy the wind (and sometimes rain) in your face, vast, wild and achingly beautiful moorland, spectacular waterfalls and fascinating geology, then you will love the Upper Teesdale valley. And after a long day in the hills, rest and explore the charming market towns and villages rich in history, their Norman castles and stately homes providing focus and interest.

To many people, Teesdale is a river valley somewhere up in the north east of England, with vague associations with lead mining and ship building. To those who have walked or cycled in Teesdale, it is a wonderful area filled with interest. It is an area explored by the Teesdale Way and the Pennine Way, and crossed by numerous tracks and paths. The Walney to Wear, and the C2C cycle routes pass through on their coast to coast crossings, and there are a number of outdoor challenge events which take place each year in the area.

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