It's a good time for planning

Lockdown is serious, but with Cicerone there are guidebooks, articles, videos, podcasts and live events to keep goals and plans alive, as we help you discover new ideas, and bring new content to your attention. When all this is over, your 'tick list' of adventures should be ready to go!

Please check the latest UK government advice before travelling anywhere.

The world is waiting for us. In the meantime, enjoy whatever brings you happiness, and spend time dreaming and planning for new adventures.

At Cicerone, we’re as keen as you are to keep taking walks and going on bike rides. For now, keep activities well within your ability and don't take risks.

Share your exercise! Enjoy your regular exercise, and maybe invite someone local who is less experienced to share a walk or bike ride with you. There are a lot of very lonely and isolated people out there, just around the corner from you. Think how great it would be to introduce them to the joys of walking or cycling, and maybe teach them basic navigation – a worthwhile project for you both!

Reading and research to kick-start the year

This friendly guy met us at Tarn Hows in the Lake District

Goals and challenges

We don't know when these will be possible, but have fun choosing, training and preparing.

Fit and well

Isn't it great that our favourite activities are good for you; for your mental and physical health, and safe during the pandemic. Get those endorphins going!

Sample routes and a selection of videos and podcasts

Remember that there is a free sample route for all our guidebooks available to download and enjoy, wherever you are in the world.

Check out the Cicerone YouTube Channel

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