Kev gets sent to Coventry

There have been some lovely reviews posted of one of Kev's latest guidebooks published by Cicerone, but we thought this one was well worth sharing with you all.

"There are many words of praise on the Internet for Kev Reynold's new book so I don't propose to review it in the usual way. Instead, I sent A Walk in the Clouds to Coventry. Kev Reynolds had a new Coventry Hospital with my anxious husband who was an inpatient for the night. A rather different assignment to accompany our treks in the Alps where his excellent Cicerone guidebooks have survived being soaked, sat on, torn apart and generally mistreated.

The aforementioned husband looked dolefully ay my choice of his reading matter. He thought he had something better in his overnight bag. Kev Reynolds won.

What a great book that evokes so many memories of expeditions into the mountains. The short chapters and delightful prose both inspired and cheered the hopefully restored partner and he couldn't stop talking about it when he arrived home. He especially liked the chapter about squalid mountain huts.

Eventually, I had to prize the book from his clutches to read it myself. That is praise indeed from a book addict. A Walk in the Clouds is a dip into the author's experiences over fifty years in the Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites, Atlas Mountains and Himalayas as well as a smattering of other wild places. There are not many nail biting incidents but it is an appreciation of the amazing world out there.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mr Reynolds, for sharing your thoughts and memories as a guidebook writer."

The review was published in the lastest issue of Strider, the journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association.

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Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds is a freelance writer, photojournalist and lecturer. A prolific compiler of guidebooks, his first title for Cicerone Press (Walks & Climbs in the Pyrenees) appeared in 1978; he has since produced many more titles for the same publisher, with others in the pipeline. A member of the Outdoor Writers' Guild, the Alpine Club and Austrian Alpine Club, his passion for mountains and the countryside remains undiminished after a lifetime's activity, and he regularly travels throughout Britain to share that enthusiasm through his lectures.

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