Kev Reynolds' mini tour

Cicerone author Kev Reynolds is doing a mini tour. If you haven't heard this inspirational but very humble man talk then now is your chance!

a5ca3abe-abe6-416a-9f71-d9eb86be2b08-3714-00000572095e03f0_tmp.jpgCicerone author Kev Reynolds is doing a mini tour, starting with London on Saturday 21st January and followed by a couple of dates in Ireland. If you haven't heard this inspirational but very humble man talk then now is your chance!

Confessions of a guidebook writer

Since his first title for Cicerone appeared nearly 40 years ago, and he’s since produced more than 50 other books covering regions such as the Alps, Pyrenees and Himalaya, he has a lot of beans to spill. Come and find out why he still reckons he’s The Man with the World’s Best Job.

Branded a failure, Kev Reynolds left school at 15 without a single qualification, but found a sense of freedom and adventure among mountains. With a lack of interest in either money or career, he drifted through a variety of jobs until he was commissioned to write a guide to the Pyrenees. Becoming ‘self-unemployed’ he soon discovered that researching and writing guidebooks gave the perfect excuse to spend several months each year among the world’s most scenically dramatic places. Now with more than 50 titles to his name, he reckons he is the Man with the World’s Best Job – with no intention to retire.

In ‘Confessions’ we drift from one range to another and learn how it is that a failure without a brain can celebrate each day as a true gift. Is he a Con-Man – or just plain lucky?

The Adventure Travel Show

Kev will be spilling the beans on his life as guidebook writer to audiences at The Adventure Travel Show at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre on Saturday 21st January. Join him at 5.30pm in the ‘World of Adventure Theatre’ to hear his Confessions of a Guidebook Writer.

A mini tour in Ireland

A few days later Kev will be in Ireland, speaking to audiences in Dublin (Tuesday 24th), Galway (Weds 25th) and Cork (on Thursday 26th) on behalf of Mountaineering Ireland. If you’re around, why not come along and say hello.

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