Latest camino-related Covid 19 response status and advice

Check here daily for the latest on Camino-related COVID-19 response openings for Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland and Britain. Covering Camino Francés, Camino del Norte and related northern routes, Via de la Plata, Camino Portuguese, Via Francigena, Via di Francesco, Jakobsweg, Pilgrim's Way and others.

Last updated 23 March 2021

Overview of European countries

Timeline of EU Member State Reopening Their Borders (constantly updated timeline)

All non-essential travel (ie holidays) from the UK to Europe is now banned until at least 30 June.

France and Italy have closed borders to all countries outside the EU until further notice, with a few exceptions (eg Hauliers). This is due to a third wave surge in Coronavirus cases.


(Camino Francés, Camino del Norte, Via de la Plata, Camino Primitivo, Camino Finisterre-Muxia, Aragonese, Inglés, Mozárabe, Madrid, del Ebro, Camino Portugués in Galicia, etc.)


Domestic travel is restricted. The gradual opening for tourists from outside Spain throughout July 2020 has been pulled back. Citizens from outside the EU, Sweden and the USA are still unable to visit Spain.

Spanish government COVID-19 international travel page

Other helpful links:

Government accommodation guidelines

Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago – health and sanitation instructions for all albergue lodgings

932 SP1


(Camino Portugués, Coastal Way, etc.)


Travel in Portugal is restricted to Portuguese nationals, permanent residents and long-term visa holders from Portugal and the EU.

Portuguese government COVID-19 international travel page

626 SP0


(Via Francigena, Via Francigena del Sud, Via di Francesco, Cammino di San Benedetto, etc.)


International travel restrictions have been reimposed. Pilgrim accommodation have governmental health requirements and are studying how to enact the very strict guidelines for hostels, in the run up to the 2021 season.

Italian government COVID-19 international travel page

Other helpful links:

European Association of Vie Francigene


(Via Francigena, Via Podiensis, Via Turonensis, Vézelay, Chemin d’Arles, etc.)


Travel restrictions remain in place in France.

Advice for foreign nationals travelling in France

Accommodation status

Other helpful links:

Map of current restriction levels


(Via Francigena, Jakobsweg, etc.)


There are border restrictions for EU countries and a ban for entrants from South Africa and the UK. Walking groups during 2020 were limited in size to 5 or fewer.

Swiss government COVID-19 international travel page

839 SP5


(Via Francigena, St Cuthbert’s Way, the Pilgrim’s Way, St Winefride’s Well, and more)


Travel to and within the UK is currently highly restricted due to the new, and highly contagious variant of the Coronavirus. Different levels of restriction apply in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

British Government COVID-19 international travel page

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