In times of stress, look after yourself, and use this time well

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We are all in this together, so we should try to look at ways in which we have control over the situation - mostly our mindset and how we can use this time well. A healthy mind, eat well, manage news and stress, work on a good routine, learn and listen…

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We hope that this message will not feel insensitive in any way, but might be helpful. Clearly we don't know your exact circumstances as you read this, but please be assured that we only trying to contribute to the wellbeing of all our readers, authors and enthusiasts.

Here are some through-provoking topics which we have pulled together from all the 'noise' out there, which we hope will help us all run some checks and balances on our lives:

  • Stay connected – think about how you can connect, help and support others, whether friends, family, neighbours, and talk to them and listen.
  • Look after yourself – your physical wellbeing, try to eat good healthy food, get into a good new daily routine, and get enough sleep.
  • Keep your body and mind active, do things you enjoy, and take time to relax and focus on things you might otherwise not notice.
  • Set yourself goals and make plans.
  • Manage what news and information you engage in, and focus on facts, not just opinions.

Below is a video recently posted by Abbie Barnes, which might be helpful. There are some lovely images too from some of her expeditions. You can follow her on her Facebook page – Spend more time in the Wild.

And there are some valuable pointers from Cicerone ambassador Cress Allwood on how to keep your mind strong and motivated, when you may be feeling very vulnerable and alone.

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