Looking for fantastic and varied walking? Then check out walking in Essex...

Essex may not be high on many walkers' hit lists. In fact it probably doesn't feature at all. But to overlook this corner of England is to overlook some fantastic and varied walking.

The latest Cicerone guidebook - Walking in Essex - aims to help rectify this, with 25 day walks ranging from 4 to 18 miles, and one 11-stage linear route traversing the whole county.

There's certainly a great deal of variety to be found in Essex. From the saltmarsh to the chalk uplands, east London's Epping Forest to Constable's Dedham Vale, as well as 350 miles of coastline, there really is a lot to explore. Essex has more to offer than many walkers realise, all within easy reach of London.

Walking in Essex
Essex has more to offer than walkers may realise

Also described in the book is the Essex Way which crosses the county from Manor Park, on the fringes of London, to the port of Harwich - a distance of 96 miles.

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