Mountain Weather

Understanding Britain's mountain weather

By David Pedgley

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A guidebook to help walkers and climbers understand weather in the UK mountains. Helps you to develop the skills to interpret forecasts, understand weather maps, and read the weather so you can make important decisions about activities in the hills. Illustrated with weather maps and satellite imagery.



All year round.
Out of Print
20 Mar 2006
8 Oct 2009
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.1cm
  • Overview
    Do you want to get weather wise? This third edition of the successful Mountain Weather helps hillwalkers and climbers to plan their activities so as to avoid the inconvenience, or even danger, posed by bad weather. The book provides an understanding of our complex and ever-changing weather that will enhance the mountain experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.

    Based on the latest weather research, and illustrated with maps and satellite imagery, the guide helps you to understand weather maps and forecasts and to 'read the weather' on the hills. With experience, you can develop the skills not only to interpret forecasts, but to anticipate changes in the weather by reading the environment around you.
  • Contents


    Part 1 - Weather Forecasts    

    Part 2 - Weather Maps
    1.    Windy Day   
    2.    Calm Day   
    3.    Cold Day   
    4.    Warm Day   
    5.    Dull Day   
    6.    Cloudy Day   
    7.    Cloudless Day   
    8.    Hazy Day   
    9.    Foggy Day   
    10.  Clear Day
    11.  Rainy Day   
    12.  Showery Day   
    13.  Dry Day 
    14.  Thundery Day
    15.  Snowy Day   
    16.  Blizzard    

    Part 3 - Weather on the Tops and in the Valleys   
    17.  Windy Top   
    18.  Calm Top   
    19.  Cold Top   
    20.  Warm Top   
    21.  Dull Top   
    22.  Cloudy Top   
    23.  Cloudless Top   
    24.  Hazy Top   
    25.  Foggy Top   
    26.  Clear Top   
    27.  Rainy Top   
    28.  Showery Top
    29.  Dry Top   
    30.  Thundery Top   
    31.  Snowy Top   
    32.  Windy Valley   
    33.  Calm Valley   
    34.  Cold Valley   
    35.  Warm Valley   
    36.  Dull Valley   
    37.  Cloudy Valley
    38.  Cloudless Valley   
    39.  Hazy Valley   
    40.  Foggy Valley   
    41.  Clear Valley   
    42.  Rainy Valley   
    43.  Showery Valley
    44.  Dry Valley   
    45.  Thundery Valley   
    46.  Snowy Valley    


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  • Reviews

    Recommended by the Mountain Weather Information Service.


    'This is the enlarged and updated third edition of a well-known book by a much respected meteorologist.

    There are some neat diagrams, with excellent photographs really relating to the text. It enables people, having got the general forecast, to make the best choice of routes.

    If you want to learn about mountain weather, as any sensible hill-walker or climber should, then this is as good a book as you'll find.'

    (Irish Mountain Log / Winter 2006)

    'Written with hill walking and similar outdoor activities in mind, the writing is aimed at increasing the understanding and weather knowledge of the enthusiastic hillwalker; it may be read as a book (and initially it should be) and then used as a convenient reference text for particular weather situations thereafter.

    Some of the weather scenariors described are favourable for days out in the hills but the majority deal with bad weather situations or days when the weather starts good but deteriorates as time goes on so that unprepared hillwalkers may be caught out in worsening conditions for which they are not equipped.

    An excellent guide, which should be essential reading for all those who venture out to the hills. As with previous editions, this remains small enough to be conveniently packed in any rucksack for easy reference.'

    (Weather / December 2007)

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David Pedgley

David Pedgley OBE was formerly a weather observer, forecaster and instructor in the Meteorological Office. He was one-time Vice President of the Royal Meteorological Society. A hillwalker for over 40 years, he started the Society's field courses on mountain weather. This is the 3rd edition of the book, which forms a comprehensive handbook to this important subject.

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