Paddy Dillon's Cicerone guides popular in libraries

Paddy Dillon is one of Cicerone's most prolific authors, with over 80 books to his credit. His books are appreciated and enjoyed all over the world for their clear and concise instructions, peppered with 'Paddyisms' and useful information.

Walking in Madeira
Number one was Walking in Madeira

However, we didn't realise how popular Paddy's books were with library users! Paddy's Public Lending Right statement for the past year makes interesting reading and gives us a sort of popularity chart.

In at number one was Walking in Madeira. Paddy's most borrowed book had 1093 loans over the course of a year. Covering 60 day walks on Madeira and Porto Santo, the sunny volcanic islands of the mid Atlantic Ocean, it is not hard to see why this was so popular.

Next came the National Trails, with 938 loans. This book covers all 19 of the UK's National Trails so may have been renewed a couple of times...

Tenerife had 899 loans. This book covers day walks, part of the entire GR131 and a walk up a volcano!

The Wales Coast Path had 772 loans but in fairness it's a long walk at 870 miles.

Unfortunately for the Isles of Scilly, which used to be the most borrowed book, it has fallen to 'only' 407 loans. Although maybe this is because the library users loved it too much to give back and treated themselves to a personal copy?

It would be interesting to know how many of those library users took their borrowed guide on holiday - these may be the most well travelled guidebooks in the UK!

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