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Discover the Engadine with a Cicerone guidebook

Cover of Walks in the Engadine - Switzerland
18 May 2005
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
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Walks in the Engadine - Switzerland

100 walks and treks

by Kev Reynolds
Book published by Cicerone Press

A walking guidebook to 100 day walks in the Engadine, Val Bregaglia, neighbouring valleys and the Engadine National Park. Varying from gentle rambles to adventurous high-level routes for the experienced mountain walker. Each route ranges from 2 to 10 miles long, visiting forests and meadows, high mountain landscapes, lakes and passes.

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Lying in the southeastern corner of Switzerland, the Engadine Valley forms a trench almost 100km long. In it, and on hillsides that flank it, there’s something for every walker’s taste: gentle valley rambles for a family outing; craggy mid-mountain walks for the more adventurous; high-level routes that lead across glacier, snowfield and rugged passes for the experienced mountain trekker.

Walks in the Engadine contains detailed route descriptions for 100 day walk routes that vary from 2 to 10 miles in length and that take the walker into secretive inner glens and onto remote alp pastures by-passed by the 21st century. The route cover a variety of terrain from luscious meadows and craggy mountains to glaciers and snowpeaks.

Engadine is a high valley, a valley of contrasts. In the Upper Engadine between Maloja and St Moritz, several large lakes almost fill the valley floor at an altitude of around 1800m while the snow-peaks of the Bernia Alps rise nearby. Shapely mountains like Piz Palü, Bellavista, Piz Roseg and Piz Bernia spawn glaciers that hang like frozen cascades, or spill into side valleys among lengthy walls of moraine. In the Lower Engadine, which runs northeastward and gradually loses altitude between Chinos-chel and Martina, the valley narrows. In places the River Inn squeezes through tight gorges, wild and foaming in cataracts as a fine white-water river.

However, this guidebook is not limited to the Engadine, there are routes in some of its neighbouring valleys too, for each one broadens the walker’s opportunities and adds to the scenic dimension. In the south, for example, at the Engadine’s head where the lake of Sils gives way to meadows around the village of Maloja, a sudden drop over the valley’s lip shows the Maloja Pass writhing its way with countless hairpins into a deep shaft of a valley filled with soft air and warmth of Italy.

Most of the walks described in this guidebook have been chosen with a particular viewpoint, lake, alp hamlet, hut or pass as the destination, while the principal objective of each walk is to enjoy a day’s exercise among stimulating scenery. In order to gain the most from a walking holiday, one needs to be in reasonably good physical condition on arrival.

The walks have been graded into three numerical categories, with the highest grade reserved for the more challenging routes. This grading system is purely subjective and open to argument, but is offered as a rough guide of what to expect. Moderate walks (Grade 1) should appeal to most active members of the family, while the majority of walks are graded 2 or 3, largely as a result of the very nature of the landscape, which can be quite challenging. Most of the paths followed are well maintained, waymarked and signed at junctions with typical Swiss efficiency.

  • Seasons
    Summer and autumn recommended. Winter is ski season.
  • Centres
    St Moritz, Maloja, Vicosoprano, Muottas Muragl, Pontresina, S-charl, Guarda, Zernez
  • Difficulty
    All walks graded. Range from short, gentle walks suitable for all to strenuous routes with scrambling for experienced alpine walkers.
  • Must See
    Bregaglia Circuit (with glacier crossing); views from Tombal; views from Berghaus Diavolezza; the Swiss National Park

September 2015

Please note: Route 17 which describes the crossing of Colle Vial between Capanna Sasc Fura and the Sciora Hut has been destroyed by massive rockfall from Piz Cengalo. Further rockfall is expected.

September 2013

Please note that maps of the following official Swiss survey (Landeskarte der Schweiz) that cover the Val Bernina section of the guidebook (pages 143 - 185) are LS 268T Julier Pass and 269T Passo del Bernina

For the Upper Engadine - Northern Region (pages 186-213), the following maps are appropriate: 258T Bergun and 259T Ofenpass


Getting There
Travel within Switzerland
Languages Spoken
Notes for Walkers
Safety Checklist
Suggested Equipment List
Recommended Maps
Using the Guide
Grading of Walks
Information at a Glance
Val Bregaglia
Route 1 Maloja – Lägh da Cavloc (Cavolocciosee) – Maloja
Route 2 Maloja – Lägh da Cavloc – Passo del Muretto
Route 3 Maloja – Capanna del Forno
Route 4 Maloja – Pass Lunghin – Septimer Pass – Casaccia
Route 5 Casaccia – Septimer Pass – Bivio
Route 6 Casaccia – Septimer Pass – Forcellina Pass – Juf
Route 7 Casaccia – Val Maroz – Val da Cam – Soglio
Route 8 Casaccia – Val Maroz – Val da la Duana – Pass da la Duana – Soglio
Route 9 Casaccia – Roticcio – Durbegia – Soglio
Route 10 Casaccia – Barga – Val Furcela – Maroz Dent – Casaccia
Route 11 Vicosoprano – Borgonovo – Stampa
Route 12 Stampa – Coltura – Soglio
Route 13 Soglio – Tombal
Route 14 Soglio – Parlongh – Muntac – Coltura – Stampa
Route 15 Promontogno – Val Bondasca – Capanna di Sciora
Route 16 Promontogno – Capanna Sasc Furä
Route 17 Capanna Sasc Furä – Colle Vial – Capanna di Sciora
Route 18 Promontogno – Capanna Sasc Furä – Colle Vial – Capanna di Sciora – Promontogno
Route 19 Capanna di Sciora – South Cacciabella Pass – Capanna da l'Albigna
Route 20 Pranzaira – Capanna da l'Albigna
Route 21 Vicosoprano – Capanna da l'Albigna
Route 22 Capanna da l'Albigna – South Casnil Pass – Capanna del Forno
Route 23 A Bregaglia Circuit
Upper Engadine
Upper Engadine – Lakes Region
Route 24 Maloja – Isola – Sils Maria
Route 25 A Circuit of the Silsersee (Lej da Segl)
Route 26 Maloja – Piz de la Margna
Route 27 Maloja – Piz Lunghin
Route 28 Plaun da Lej – Grevasalvas – Blaunca – Maloja
Route 29 Maloja (Cadlägh) – Splüga – Blaunca – Grevasalvas – Plaun da Lej
Route 30 Plaun da Lej – Fuorcla Grevasalvas – La Veduta (Julier Pass)
Route 31 Sils Maria – Val Fex – Plaun Vadret
Route 32 Sils Maria – Curtins – Marmorè – Sils Maria
Route 33 Sils Maria – Chastè – Sils Baselgia
Route 34 Sils Maria – Crap da Sass – Silvaplana
Route 35 Sils Maria (Furtschellas) – Lej da la Fuorcla – Hahnensee (Lej dals Chöds) – St Moritz-Bad
Route 36 Surlej (Murtèl) – Fuorcla Surlej – Pontresina
Route 37 Surlej (Murtèl) – Fuorcla Surlej – Coaz Hut
Route 38 Silvaplana – Lej da la Tscheppa – Silvaplana
Route 39 Silvaplana – Lej Marsch – Lej Nair – Silvaplana
Route 40 St Moritz (Signal) – Alp Suvretta – Julier Pass road – Crevasalvas – Maloja
Route 41 St Moritz (Signal) – Alp Suvretta – Pass Suvretta – Val Bever – Bever
Route 42 St Moritz-Bad – Piz da l'Ova-Cotschna
Upper Engadine – Val Bernina
Route 43 Muottas Muragl – Lej Muragl – Punt Muragl
Route 44 Muottas Muragl – Fuorcla Val Champagna – Samedan
Route 45 Muottas Muragl – Fuorcla Muragl – Val Prüna – Val Chamuera – La Punt
Route 46 Muottas Muragl – Unterer Schafberg – Pontresina
Route 47 Muottas Muragl – Chamanna Segantini – Alp Languard – Pontresina
Route 48 Pontresina – Hotel Roseggletscher
Route 49 Pontresina – Hotel Roseggletscher – Fuorcla Surlej
Route 50 Pontresina – Tschierva Hut (Chamanna da Tschierva)
Route 51 Pontresina (1805) – Lej da Vadret
Route 52 Pontresina – Coaz Hut (Chamanna Coaz)
Route 53 Pontresina – Alp Ota – Coaz Hut
Route 54 Coaz Hut – Lej da Vadret – Pontresina
Route 55 Pontresina – Piz Languard
Route 56 Pontresina – Crasta Languard – Fuorcla Pischa – Val da Fain – Bernina Suot
Route 57 Pontresina (Alp Languard) – Chamanna Paradis
Route 58 Pontresina – Morteratsch – Boval Hut (Chamanna da Boval)
Route 59 Bernina Suot – Berghaus Diavolezza
Route 60 Berghaus Diavolezza – Munt Pers
Route 61 Berghaus Diavolezza – Boval Hut (Chamanna da Boval) – Morteratsch
Upper Engadine – Northern Region
Route 62 Bever – Val Bever – Jenatsch Hut (Chamanna Jenatsch)
Route 63 Bever – Val Bever – Fuorcla Crap Alv – Albula Pass – La Punt
Route 64 La Punt – Albula Pass – Bergün
Route 65 La Punt – Val Chamuera – Serlas
Route 66 La Punt – Zuoz – Chapella – Cinuos-chel
Route 67 Madulain – Es-cha Hut (Chamanna d'Es-cha) – Madulain
Route 68 Zuoz – Chamues-ch – Punt Muragl
Route 69 S-chanf – Varusch Hut (Chamanna dal Parc Varusch)
Route 70 S-chanf (Prasüras) – Alp Chaschauna – Pass Chaschauna
Route 71 Cinuos-chel – Susauna – Alp Funtauna
Route 72 Cinuous-chel – Alp Funtauna – Lai da Ravais-ch-Suot
Route 73 Cinuos-chel – Alp Funtauna – Kesch Hut (Chamanna digl Kesch)
Lower Engadine
Lower Engadine – The National Park
Route 74 Varusch Hut (Chamanna dal Parc Varusch) – Alp Trupchun
Route 75 Varusch Hut – Fuorcla Val Sassa – Blockhaus Cluozza
Route 76 Zernez – Blockhaus Cluozza (Chamanna Cluozza)
Route 77 Vallun Chafuol – Murter – Blockhaus Cluozza (Chamanna Cluozza)
Route 78 Blockhaus Cluozza (Chamanna Cluozza) – Piz Quattervals
Route 79 Blockhaus Cluozza (Chamanna Cluozza) – Murter – Punt Periv – Hotel Il Fuorn
Route 80 Ova Spin (Parkplatz no:1) – Alp Grimmels – Ova Spin
Route 81 Ova Spin (Parkplatz no:1) – Champlönch – Il Fuorn
Route 82 Il Fuorn – Fuorcla Val dal Botsch – Sur il Foss – S-charl
Route 83 S-charl (Mingèrbrücke) – Val Mingèr – Sur il Foss
Route 84 A Traverse of the National Park
Route 85 Lavin – Lai da la Mezza Glüna – Fuorcletta da Barcli – Zernez
Lower Engadine – Northeastern Region
Route 86 Zernez – Carolina – Cinuos-chel
Route 87 Zernez – Susch – Lavin
Route 88 Zernez – Fuorcla Stragliavita – Alp Sampuoir – Ardez Station
Route 89 Lavin – Linard Hut (Chamanna dal Linard)
Route 90 Lavin – Chamanna Marangun
Route 91 Guarda – Tuoi Hut (Chamanna Tuoi)
Route 92 Guarda – Alp Sura – Lai Blau – Guarda
Route 93 Guarda – Tuoi Hut – Furcletta – Ardez
Route 94 Ardez – Alp Valmala – Ardez
Route 95 Ardez – Chamanna Cler
Route 96 San Jon – Lischana Hut (Chamanna Lischana)
Route 97 S-charl – Alp Sesvenna
Route 98 S-charl – Fuorcla Sesvenna – Sesvenna Hut
Route 99 S-charl – Alp Astras
Route 100 S-charl – Fuorcla Funtana da S-charl – Pt 2535m – Ofenpass
Appendix A Useful Addresses
Appendix B Bibliography
Appendix C Glossary
Appendix D Route Index
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