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Explore Austria's Hohe Tauern with a Cicerone guidebook

Cover of Trekking in Austria's Hohe Tauern
20 Jan 2010
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.9cm
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Trekking in Austria's Hohe Tauern

Venediger, Glockner and Reichen Groups

by Allan Hartley
Book published by Cicerone Press

This trekking guidebook describes 4 multi-day treks in the Reichen, Venediger and Gross Glockner mountain groups. It also contains an outline for a 10-day traverse of the whole region. The Hohe Tauern National Park takes in the Tirol, Salzburg and Karnten. It's ideal for trekking, with some of the best mountain huts in the Alps.

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Situated in the heartland of Austria and the Eastern Alps the Hohe Tauern National Park has international status as a World Heritage Site. Its stunning valleys are headed by scores of peaks that are home to some of the best huts in the Alps. This guidebook concentrates on three areas – the Reichen, Venediger and Gross Glockner Groups. In each section, descriptions are provided for various hut-to-hut tours along with excursions and recommended climbs.

This guidebook describes five routes in the Reichen Group, the Venediger Group and the Gross Glockner, any of which would make an ideal introduction to the delights of Alpine trekking. There are 4 multi-day treks described and a 10-day traverse of the whole region from Mayrhofen, through the Reichen Group and across the Venediger to end with a climb on the Gross Glockner is outlined.

Routes described in this guidebook, such as on the Reichen Group Runde Tour and the Venediger Hohenweg, vary from traditional mountain paths to tracks across boulder fields and rough ground. There is also steep ground, late summer snow and fixed wire ropes here and there to aid stability.

The Hohe Tauern provides opportunities for all mountain enthusiasts, whatever their aspirations. It is ideal for the first time visitors to the Alps, particularly family groups with adventurous children, but it is even more so for aspiring alpinists, who would be wrong to see the Hohe Tauern as tame. These mountains can challenge even the most experienced alpinist, you will not be disappointed.

The tours are moderately strenuous and require the ability to carry a full pack for an average of six hours a day. In terms of alpine grading, the majority of the routes fall into the mountaineering grade of easy to moderate, comprising of sustained mountain walking, requiring the ability to negotiate steep ground, scramble over rocks, cross late summer snow, make use of fixed wire ropes and have a good head for heights.

  • Seasons
    the summer alpine season runs from mid-June to the end of September; snow can linger to June and early July; mid-July through to mid September is warmer and more settled
  • Centres
    Matrei in Ost Tyrol for the Venediger Group; Kals for the Gross Glockner; Mayrhofen for the Reichen group
  • Difficulty
    paths and tracks are waymarked and frequently signposted; unless you intend to venture onto glaciers no special equipment is needed, nor additional climbing skills required
  • Must See
    some of the best alpine scenery in the Eastern Alps; Gross Glockner, Gross Venediger and Reichen Group containing the greatest concentration of 3000m peaks in the Eastern Alps

October 2016

Heinrich Schwaiger Haus page 206
The seilbahn rucksack service is no longer available
Address                  Herr Stefan Borger
Heinrich Schwaiger Haus
Mooserboden 123
A 5710 Kaprun
Telephone,          0043 664 656 5555
Hofmanns Hut page 207
The hut remains closed and is likely to be demolished
Kalser Tauern Haus page 210
Telephone, 0043 664 985 7090

October 2014

Stage 7B Richter Hut to the Plauener Hut via the Gams Scharte

Page 73; Info panel. Despite having new wires fitted in 2013, a large rock fall in
the winter of 2013/14 has destroyed most of what was installed. The route is
still passable but proceed with utmost caution.

Stage 5;Badener Hut to the Neue Prager Hut

Page 97, top of the page, signpost at the junction.
Due to retreat of the glacier the signs on both sides of the route have been
removed, accordingly follow the safer well marked route for the Gletscherweg.

Stage 8; Kursinger Hut to the Warnsdorfer Hut

Page 123; Map, dotted green line for Turkische Zellstadt, despite having been
re-opened in 2012 the route is no longer sign-posted and no longer appears
on the Alpenverein maps. A shorter route has now been established with
the provision of a Klettersteig protected climbing path, sign-posted from the
Kursinger Hut. The ground is very steep but since you will have Alpine kit it is
a very good route and scenically stunning. Alternatively go the long way round
following Route 914

Hut Directory

Erzherzog Johann Hut, page 200 info panel, address is
Herr Peter Tembler,
Grossdorf 20

Glorer Hut, page 205, info panel, height is 2642, address,
Herr Alfred Graf,
Glorer Hut,
Berger Toerl 1
A-9981 Kals am Gross Glockner
Omit Valley telephone number
Update email to;

Plauener Hut, page 218, info panel,
Open; Mid June to mid September -  address,
Edith Haberl and Michael Puntigam,
Pleuener Hut,
A-6290 Brandberg

Richter Hut, page 222, info panel, change name Herr Armin Bachmaier

Venediger Haus, page 232, info panel, address
Fr Monika Resinger
Venediger Haus
A-9971 Matrei in Ost Tyrol

April 2011

The following huts remain closed
Heinrich Schwaiger Haus (Glockner Round Tour)
Alte Prager Hut (Venediger Rucksack Route; Hoehenweg

Glockner Runde Tour - Stage 6

Gleiwitzer Hut to Heinrich Schwaiger Haus
Note that the Heinrich Schwaiger Haus is closed for the foreseeable future.
Alternative accommodation can be sought at Fuerthermoaralm located at Mooserboden Stausee reservoir.
Contact;     Martina Aberger, Fuerth 3,  A-5721 Piesendorf

Tel; (0043)6547 7158 23435 / Email; / Website;


When to Go
Getting There (and Back)
Places to Stay
Visiting Innsbruck
Tourist Offices
Post Offices
Places to Leave Luggage
Health and Fitness
Emergencies, Mountain Rescue and Insurance
The Austrian Alpine Club
About Huts
Using this Guide
Maps and Guidebooks
Alpine Walking Skills
Kit List
Mountain Guides
The Reichen Group Hut-to-Hut Rucksack Route
Stage 1 Mayrhofen to Plauener Hut
Excursion 1.1 Ascent of Reichen Spitze (3303m)
Stage 2 Plauener Hut to Birnlucken Hut
Stage 3 Birnlucken Hut to Warnsdorfer Hut
Stage 4 Warnsdorfer Hut to Krimmler Tauern Haus
Stage 5 Krimmler Tauern Haus to Zittauer Hut
Stage 6 Zittauer Hut to Richter Hut
Stage 7A Richter Hut to Plauener Hut via the Zillerplatten Scharte
Stage 7B Richter Hut to Plauener Hut via the Gams Scharte
The Venediger Group Hut-to-Hut Rucksack Route
Stage 1 Matrei in Ost Tyrol to Essener Rostocker Hut
Stage 2 Essener Rostocker Hut to Johannis Hut via the Turmljoch.
Stage 3 Johannis Hut to the Bonn Matreier Hut via the Zopat Scharte and Eissee Hut
Stage 4 Bonn Matreier Hut to Badener Hut via the Galten Scharte
Stage 5 Badener Hut to Neue Prager Hut via the Loebbentorl 94
Excursion from Neuer Prager Hut
Stage 5A Badener Hut to Venediger Haus (alternative bad weather route)
Stage 6 Neue Prager Hut to Sankt Poltener Hut
Stage 7 Sankt Poltener Hut to Matreier Tauern Haus
The Venediger Glacier Tour
Stage 1 Mayrhofen to Warnsdorfer Hut
Stage 2 Warnsdorfer Hut to Essener Rostocker Hut via the Gams Spitzl and Mauertorl
Excursions from the Essener Rostocker Hut
Stages 3–6 See Venediger Rucksack Route stages 2–5
Stage 7 Neue Prager Hut to Kursinger Hut via the Gross Venediger
Excursion from Kursinger Hut
Stage 8 Kursinger Hut to Warnsdorfer Hut via the Obersulzbach Kees glacier and Gams Spitzl
The Glockner Group Hut-to-Hut Rucksack Route
Stage 1 Lucknerhaus to Studl Hut
Excursions from the Studl Hut
Stage 2 Studl Hut to Salm Hut via the Pfort Scharte
Stage 3 Salm Hut to Glockner Haus
Stage 4 Glockner Haus to Fusch via the Phandl Scharte
Stage 5 Fusch to Gleiwitzer Hut
Stage 6 Gleiwitzer Hut to Heinrich Schwaiger Haus
Excursions from Heinrich Schwaiger Haus
Stage 6A Gleiwitzer Hut to Kaprun
Stage 7 Heinrich Schwaiger to Rudolfs Hut/Berg Hotel
Excursions from Rudolfs Hut
Stage 8 Rudolfs Hut to Sudetendeutsche Hut via the Kalser Tauern and Gradetz Sattel
Excursion from the Sudetendeutsche Hut
Stage 8A Rudolfs Hut to Kalser Tauern Haus
Stage 9 Sudetendeutsche Hut to Matrei in Ost Tyrol
Hut Directory
Appendix A Useful Contacts
Appendix B German–English Glossary
Appendix C Further Reading
Appendix D Across the Hohe Tauern National Park
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