Rock Climbing

By Pete Hill

This guidebook, covering all the basic rock climbing skills and climbing equipment, is invaluable not only for beginners but also for climbers wanting to increase their technical knowledge of climbing single- and multi-pitch routes. Written by one of the UK's top mountain instructors.



Excellent for beginners, also for those wishing to improve on technical knowledge.
10 Oct 2007
11 Nov 2008
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.5cm
  • Overview
    Rock climbing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and this book is designed for anyone who wishes to take it up as a sport. Covering all the basic technical skills needed, it is invaluable not only for beginners but also for those who already climb but would like to increase their technical knowledge on both single- and multi-pitch routes.

    Written by one of the UK’s top mountain instructors, the book covers subjects including equipment, knots, belaying, leading, seconding and abseiling. Many other peripheral skills are also covered, and the whole book is highly illustrated with full-colour photographs throughout. Special ‘Tips’ and ‘Notes’ boxes highlight important techniques and observations, and the book is presented in such a way as to make learning to climb as easy and enjoyable as possible.

    Whether you are just starting out or are already experienced on rock, the contents of this book will help you to enjoy climbing safely and with confidence.

  • Contents



    Part 1: Basics
    1 Getting Started  
    2 Equipment  
    3 Knots

    Part 2: Skills
    4 Tying On  
    5 Climbing Calls  
    6 Moving on Rock 
    7 Placing Gear  
    8 Belaying 

    Part 3: Climbing
    9 Leading 
    10 Seconding a Climb  
    11 Abseiling  
    12 Multi-pitch Routes  
    13 Top- and Bottom-roping  

    Appendix 1: Fall Factors and Forces  
    Appendix 2: Selected Climbing Venues  
    Appendix 3: Glossary  


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  • Reviews

    'Informative and entertaining - the hallmarks of Pete Hill's innovative style are evident in his latest book. A logical sequence of topics is presented in an easy to read guide, additional tips and notes in blue emphasis salient safety points and ideas to simplify procedures. He does not try to explain how to protect a difficult traverse or rescue an unfortunate second but offers simple, well thought out, practical techniques.

    Photographs are clear and cleverly used to demonstrate relevant points and personal (often amusing) anecdotes help to highlight problems that may befall the unwary. It is a skilfully structured guide and useful reference book.'

    (AMI News / December 2007)

    'From publishers Cicerone, Rock Climbing and Sport Climbing are two handy books from climber and writer Pete Hill. Both are introductory books that explain all the sports basic technical skills, but are also invaluable for those who already have some climbing experience. They are aimed, quite simply, at anyone who wishes to climb and uses clear colour photographs to illustrate both techniques and equipment helping the reader enjoy climbing safely and with confidence.'

    (Outsider magazine / December 2007)

    "One interesting feature of the book is that it often offers simple, explicit advice that most climbers will learn from experience: “When packing your wires into a rucksack, lay them down sideways”(p75). Or, when belaying from a single anchor point out of reach I would always plump for the figure of eight method” (p.44). In these, and other similar cases, Hill provides clear and logical justifications.
    A second aspect that appealed to me was that it featured many Scottish routes in the illustrative photographs. The instructional photographs are both clear and colourful.

    This book will be a useful addition to many climbers’ collections, not only for those starting out, but also those making the transfer from indoor climbing wall to the greater pleasures of the outdoors. I suspect that many copies will find their way onto the shelves of those involved in mentoring less-experienced friends in an informal setting."

    Ian McCabe, Scottish Mountaineer - February 2008

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Pete Hill

Pete Hill MIC, FRGS has climbed in many continents and countries across the world, including first ascents in the Himalayas. He is a holder of the MIC award, the top UK instructional qualification, and has been delivering rock and mountain sports courses at the highest level for a number of years. Pete lives in Scotland and has two daughters.

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