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Hiking the Tour of the Jungfrau Region


Hiking the Tour of the Jungfrau Region (Tell Us Your Story)

Regular guest bloggers Carol and Jim Watson have been hiking the Tour of the Jungfrau Region and share this trip report with you. They have 'walked with Cicerone' many times and have written other posts on the 'Coast to Coast' and the 'GR5'.

Walking the Italian Lakes


Walking the Italian Lakes (Tell Us Your Story)

On our second day we planned to summit Monte Grona. It rained the night before and dark clouds were sitting low on the mountain tops as we drove towards Breglia and as we got higher, thick fog gave us an unfriendly greeting. We were determined and hoped that the fog and clouds would lift up later on the day.

Pennine Bridleway


The Pennine Bridleway (Tell Us Your Story)

For a while I'd had my eye on the northern section of the Pennine Bridleway running from the top of the Mary Townley Loop (MTL) back to Newby Head near Dent. I marked up the route and worked out we could do about 50 miles per day with a stopover in Settle.

The GR5 Trail


The GR5 Trail (Tell Us Your Story)

Last year we decided to walk the Traverse of the Alps, from Thonon on Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean coast at Nice, 420 miles across the high Alps, mainly in France but crossing into Switzerland for part of the walk and hugging the French/Italian border in places.

Walking in South Lakeland


Walking in South Lakeland (Tell Us Your Story)

The walk we followed was a stunning discovery from the necessity to squeeze it in on a winter's afternoon. So I consulted the Cicerone, Walks in Lakeland - South Lakes book and walk 37.

Chamonix To Zermatt


The classic Haute Route (Tell Us Your Story)

The morning couldn't come quick enough; a pleasant evening meal shared with our dorm fellows was followed by an Olympic display of torrential snoring putting pay to our best laid plans to get a good night sleep before our defining day ladders or not?

The Way of St James


Walking the Way of St James (Tell Us Your Story)

When initially planning the route and thinking about kit, accommodation and gear, I thought it was all about the walking - after all, 800km is a considerable distance. I was wrong though, it's all about the people.