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Api to Jumla: A truly magical mystery trek

9 Nov 2015 · Kev Reynolds

In this final extract from his inspirational memoirs about trekking in the Himalaya, Abode of the Gods, Kev Reynolds recalls a trek with a very real sense of mystery from Api to Jumla in Nepal’s Farthest West.



Dolpo: Nepal's Hidden Region Powered by Yak Dung

13 Oct 2015 · Kev Reynolds

In this third extract from his inspirational memoirs about trekking in the Himalaya, Abode of the Gods, Kev Reynolds describes the moment when he reached Nepal's remote Dolpo region for the first time.



Unforgettable encounters on the South Downs

14 Sep 2015 · Kev Reynolds

Here Kev Reynolds, prolific chronicler of the outdoors from the Himalaya to what he calls his own ‘Kentish Alps’, and author of two Cicerone walking guides to the South Downs, shares three precious moments from many years of walking through his local landscape.

The Auvergne


A gentler pace in the Auvergne

6 Aug 2015 · Rachel Crolla

For Rachel Crolla walking the mountains of the Auvergne in central France will always be associated with a unique time in her life – the time when she and Carl were completing the research for their second Cicerone guidebook ‘Walking in the Auvergne’ – and she was seven months pregnant with her first child.

Winter In  Ladakh


A second winter in Ladakh

6 Aug 2015 · Radek Kucharski

Ladakh's trekking opportunities can extend year-round, and here are accounts of the Sham Trek, Chadar Trek and Markha valley trek and a new winter trekking route via a frozen river between Zanskar and Central Ladakh. Cicerone author and trek leader Radek Kucharski shares the challenges and thrills of his first and second winter seasons.



Because it's there – Everest trekking

6 Aug 2015 · Kev Reynolds

In these two extracts from a chapter of his inspirational book ‘Abode of the Gods’, which captures the wonders of trekking in the Nepal Himalaya in eight vivid stories, Kev Reynolds recalls his first arrival at Namche Bazaar and first glimpse of Ama Dablan, and then the ascent of Gokyo Ri to discover an ‘astonishing panorama... thrilling beyond words’ on the way to Everest base camp in...

Paddy Dillon meets a reader


Paddy Dillon meets a reader

21 Apr 2015 · Paddy Dillon

Paddy Dillon, author of many Cicerone walking and trekking guidebooks, seems to be walking and either researching new guides or updating old ones every day. But it's not often he has chance to chat to guidebook users such as James.

Climbing in the Pyrenees


A difficult day in the Pyrenees

25 Mar 2015 · Kev Reynolds

An extract from A Walk in the Clouds by Kev Reynolds reveals that sometimes you can have 'Something of a doo-day'. This story takes place in the Pyrenees, near the valley d'Oô.

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Doing the Top job in the English Lake District

10 Feb 2015 · Graham Uney

Graham Uney, one of the Lake District's two Fell Top Assessors, shares the secrets of the job that involves climbing Helvellyn every day right through the winter and keeping other mountaineers safe.



Hole in One

16 Dec 2014 · Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds and his climbing partner Hugh explore the Vignemale and Vignemale glacier in the Pyrenees, but all was not well when they crossed the glacier.



Lunching with Lizards on Madeira

19 Nov 2014 · Kev Reynolds

A few years ago, just after Paddy Dillon’s guide to ‘Walking on Madeira’ had been published, long-standing Cicerone author Kev Reynolds found himself standing next to Paddy on the Cicerone stand at the Outdoor Show. After a day listening to the delights of walking on this beautiful island, he just had to return for a second visit.



The other side of the Canary Islands

19 Nov 2014 · Paddy Dillon

Prolific walker and writer Paddy Dillon describes how the sun-kissed Canaries have transformed themselves into a great destination for day walkers and for trekkers since he first touched down, by accident, in Tenerife.



Crossing the Larke La

19 Nov 2014 · Kat Morgenstern

In the wake of much-publicised recent fatalities in the Himalaya, Cicerone author Kat Morgenstern recalls an unforgettable couple of days crossing the Larke La pass on the Manaslu Circuit, near the Nepal-Tibet border.



Climbing the Cavall Bernat on Mallorca

20 Oct 2014 · Jim Sutherland

The Serra del Cavall Bernat is a scramble that lies between the bay of Cala de Sant Vicenc and the Vall de Boquer in the northeast of the island of Mallorca. Although rising to a mere 353m, it has very steep cliffs, which on the seaward side plunge the full height vertically into the sea for 2km.



Running the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

7 Aug 2014 · Hilary Sharp

A week before the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) I heard a quote on the TV. I wasn’t really listening but I thought it was someone making a tongue-in-cheek reference to how to successfully read a book: ‘you start at the beginning, you keep going to the end and then you stop’. A week later I realised that this also perfectly sums up an Ultra race. The quote had become my mantra as I...

Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps


Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps

24 Jan 2014 · Richard Miller

Cicerone author Richard Miller tells us about how to came to write the guidebook to Via Ferratas of the French Alps and what he loves about the area. Like so many Cicerone authors, frustrated by the lack of information available on an area, he soon found out that the only way have all the information needed to plan a trip was to write the book himself.

Scrambles in the Dark Peak


A chat with the authors of Scrambles in the Dark Peak

22 Feb 2012 · Terry Sleaford

An advance copy of the forthcoming Cicerone guidebook Scrambles in the Dark Peak has just landed on my desk. There are many guidebooks to the Peak District, covering everything from gentle stroll to long-distance walks,family cycle paths to mountain biking trails, climbing rocks to descending cave systems.



Explore Tenerife - from easy strolls, day-walks to long-distance trails

25 Oct 2011 · Paddy Dillon

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself in Tenerife in the middle of winter. Sometimes I’ve visited to explore the island, and other times it’s been an enormous stepping stone on the way to the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

Cycling Adventures in St Jean de Maurienne


Cycling Adventures in St Jean de Maurienne

7 Sep 2011 · Andy Hodges

Andy Hodges, author of the recently published 'Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne' has been exploring the area around St Jean de Maurienne by bike this summer with his wife Sue. The area is surrounded by beautiful mountains and quiet mountain valleys. The via ferrata, roadside climbing and glaciated peaks all look inspiring too...