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Alpine lakes below the Alpeiner Scharte, Austria



Austria offers some of the best opportunities for Alpine walking and trekking, with an excellent network of alpine huts, and well-marked trails. Enjoy Austria’s mountains from easy introductory treks through to challenging high-level routes with...

Belchen in the Black Forest, Germany



With a landscape that ranges from lowland to Alpine, Germany has a great deal to offer the walker and mountain visitor. The source of the Danube is found deep in the vast and accessible Black Forest, which caters for walkers and cyclists of all...

The glacial bowl with the Sulzenau Alm ahead


An intro to... Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps

19 Sep 2018

How about a destination combining a variety of outdoor adventures and vibrant culture alongside quick access to the mountains? Welcome to Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps.

Hut trip to the Alps


Planning your first hut to hut trip to the Alps

29 Nov 2011

Planning your first hut to hut trip. There has to be a first time for everyone. If you are 'into mountains' for walking, trekking or climbing, sooner or later the Alps will call. Where to go? Almost anywhere in the alpine chain will reward a visit.

Trekking in the beautiful Silvretta and Ratikon Alps


Trekking in the beautiful Silvretta and Ratikon Alps

7 May 2014 · Kev Reynolds

Over the past ten years, Cicerone author Kev Reynolds has spent many happy weeks trekking and exploring in the Silvretta and Ratikon Alps. Defining the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein south of Lake Constance, the Ratikon Alps give the appearance of an abrupt wall of limestone erupting from meadows and screes full of flowers.

Via Ferratas connect the summits of the Nordkette


Innsbruck Mountain Adventures – summer routes for a multi-activity alpine holiday

10 Oct 2018

With autumn here, it’s time to consider your next summer holiday. You love the outdoors and like to try a variety of activities rather than just a single activity trip, but you also enjoy experiencing some culture, some history, perhaps an evening out in a city rather than a small, limited resort. Innsbruck has the perfect mix – it’s a vibrant city with easy access to the mountains, which...

Alpine Trek


Where to go for a first Alpine trek?

7 Aug 2013

Contained within a fortnight's holiday, the Tour of the Queyras would make a splendid introduction to trekking in the Alps. The Queyras is a dramatic region of the French Alps, between the Durance Valley and the Italian border, in the shadow of Mont Viso. Sheltered to the west by the Ecrins, it is one of the sunniest areas of the Alps.



Climb Every Mountain: A musical history tour above Salzburg

10 May 2015 · Andy Hodges

The Sound of Music and Hitler's Eagles Nest are secondary to the stunning walking and trekking in the hills of Berchtesgaden, close to Salzburg. Andy Hodges describes some walking and scrambling in this easily accessible Alpine area.

Adventure in the Alps


Adventure beckons in the high water and deep gorges of the Alps

31 Oct 2012 · Simon Flower

I'd been threatening to write a canyoning guide for a couple of years, scribbling ideas on the back of beermats and waxing lyrical to all who'd listen, before my partner finally called my bluff and packed me off abroad. It's a special sort of person who agrees to get up at 6am on holiday in order to explore some potentially small-print canyon.

Europe's highest military cemetery at Hochgränton Pass


The Karnischer Höhenweg – a walk through history

16 Jun 2018 · John Hayes

John Hayes heard about the Karnischer Höhenweg by chance when sitting out a storm in an Austrian Alpine hut with four young men from Vienna. He took their advice to trek the route and loved it so much he wrote a book about it.

Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps


Why I wrote Via Ferratas of the French Alps

24 Jan 2014 · Richard Miller

Cicerone author Richard Miller tells us about how to came to write the guidebook to Via Ferratas of the French Alps and what he loves about the area. Like so many Cicerone authors, frustrated by the lack of information available on an area, he soon found out that the only way have all the information needed to plan a trip was to write the book himself.

Tour of the Bernina


What is it like to stay in a mountain refuge?

13 Apr 2015 · Gillian Price

A lot of Cicerone authors like to recommend staying in refuges whilst walking or trekking in the Alps, the Himalaya, or other long-distance walks. But what are they like? Do you need to take your own food/toilet paper/towels? Cicerone Press author Gillian Price describes the rules and regulations of the average stay in a mountain refuge whilst walking through Switzerland and Italy on the Tour of...

Why choose to check the GR5 French Alps


Why choose to trek the GR5 through the French Alps?

9 Oct 2012 · Lesley Williams

A graceful ridge soars away to the south, its flanks of grass and faded alpen rose like rippled antique green velvet, enticing your eyes and quickening your heart. This was to be where the adventure would begin.

Silvretta And Ratikon Alps


Exploring the Silvretta and Rätikon Alps

11 Sep 2017 · Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds knows the Alps like no one else. He tells us about a trek in the little-known Silvretta and Rätikon Alps, the mountain regions that straddle the Swiss-Austrian border. Characterful huts, sleepy alpine villages and remote and mysterious peaks and valleys make up this area.

The Karnischer Hohenweg


The Karnischer Hohenweg

A 1-2 week trek on the Carnic Peace Trail: Austria and Italy


English-language guidebook to the Karnischer Höhenweg, a 170km waymarked hut-to-hut trek along the border between Italy and Austria. Also known as the Carnic Peace Trail, it runs west to east along the Ridge of the Carnic Alps, the site of the WW1 front line. With information on planning your trip, accommodation and the history of the area.

16 Header Austrian Alps


Walking in the Bavarian Alps with a dog: the pros and cons

4 Aug 2018 · Grant Bourne

Grant Bourne, the co-author, along with wife Sabine, of Walking in the Bavarian Alps, gives a brief insight into the advantages and disadvantages of walking with a dog. Apart from learning (indirectly) that Khampa is the real boss of this team, Grant has discovered that Khampa loves beer gardens, is easily provoked by marmots and that rolling on the grass can be unpleasant – for some. He also...

Trekking in the Silvretta and Rätikon Alps


Trekking in the Silvretta and Rätikon Alps

Tour of the Silvretta, the Prattigauer Hohenweg and the Ratikon Hohenweg plus 12 day routes


This guide describes three treks, between 5 and 8 days, in the Silvretta and Rätikon Alps starting near Klosters, and 12 half-day hut-to-hut routes. These contrasting ranges form a line on the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The Tour of the Silvretta, the Prättigauer Höhenweg and the Rätikon Höhenweg.

Chamanna Coaz at the head of Val Roseg in the Bernina Alps


Practicalities of staying in a mountain hut

8 Apr 2018 · Kev Reynolds

It is important, when planning a mountain trip – especially out of season – to do your homework first. Will the huts be open and manned? Will there be room? What facilities can be expected? Are meals provided? Here, Kev Reynolds, explains some of the main practicalities of staying in a mountain hut.

Alpine Snowbell


Hidden Gem – Alpine Flowers

4 Apr 2018

A mini guide to help you recognise 230 alpine flowers. In just 144 pages this lovely little book will give both pleasure and knowledge.