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Arriving On Massenella's Summit Plateau


Top tips from Mallorca, the GR221 and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains

5 May 2018 · Jonathan Williams

Jonathan and Lesley Williams spent a week trekking through the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca’s GR221, with Paddy Dillon’s Trekking in Mallorca and Mountain Walking in Mallorca guidebooks. Here, Jonathan shares some of his impressions of the Drystone Route, as well as some tips picked up along the way.

Banner 13 Climbers From France Approaching Becca Della Traversiere


Five ways to enjoy Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park

2 May 2018 · Gillian Price

The Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy has just celebrated its 95th birthday. Author Gillian Price provides some background and suggests five ways to enjoy this spectacular alpine national park.

7  Lac De Montriond


Smuggling in the Haute Savoie

22 Apr 2018 · Pamela Harris

The eastern border of the Haute Savoie runs along the high peaks and passes between France and Switzerland, in the area known as the Chablais. Now it is easy to cross from one side to the other in both summer and winter, but what many do not realise is that for 150 years, until as recently as the middle of the 20th century, this was a hotbed of smuggling, as Pamela Harris explains.

Chamanna Coaz at the head of Val Roseg in the Bernina Alps


Practicalities of staying in a mountain hut

8 Apr 2018 · Kev Reynolds

It is important, when planning a mountain trip – especially out of season – to do your homework first. Will the huts be open and manned? Will there be room? What facilities can be expected? Are meals provided? Here, Kev Reynolds, explains some of the main practicalities of staying in a mountain hut.

The Bachsee Must Be One Of The Loveliest Of All Alpine Lakes Banner


Highlights of the Jungfrau Region

25 Mar 2018 · Kev Reynolds

One of the most bizarre mountain experiences you can have in the Alps comes on Day 8 of the Tour of the Jungfrau Region, when you arrive on the summit of the 2970m Schilthorn. One moment you’re scrambling along its narrow west ridge, the next you’re in a revolving restaurant with stairs leading to a small cinema where you can sit and watch scenes from a James Bond movie. Kev Reynolds...

1 Duddo Stone Circle


Ancient mysteries of Northumberland

24 Mar 2018 · Vivienne Crow

There are few places in England where the distant past has such a tangible effect on the landscape as it does in Northumberland. Stepping out into the atmospheric border country inevitably means stepping back in time and brushing shoulders with our ancestors. Vivienne Crow, the author of a new guidebook to the county, looks at some of the historic gems awaiting walkers…

014 Looking Towards The Albanian Border Header


Trekking in Greece - how things have changed

18 Mar 2018 · Tim Salmon

Tim Salmon recounts his first visit to Greece and how although the world has moved on in the six decades since, the landscape remains as wonderful as ever.

9  The Confluence Of The Dordogne And Vezere Rivers


Rediscovering the Dordogne

18 Feb 2018 · Pamela Harris

The Dordogne river flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in France, its banks lined with picturesque towns and cliff-top castles. Updating the walks for the new edition of Walking in the Dordogne enabled co-author Pamela Harris to rediscover this lovely area and the river that runs through its heart.

Hills Above Lazania


Cyprus: The tiny mountain village

17 Feb 2018 · Jacint Mig,Nike Werstroh

In the eastern part of the Troodos, the Machairas forest seemed less visited and quiet when Nike Werstroh and Jacint Mig followed a section of the E4 near the Machairas Monastery while they were exploring the trails for their Walking in Cyprus guidebook. The trail took them to the tiny village of Lazania, where a friendly local greeted them.

Sierra De La Nieves The Summit Of La Torrecilla


The myriad landscapes to walk in Andalucía

11 Feb 2018 · Guy Hunter-Watts

Guy Hunter-Watts fell in love with this region of southern Spain on his first visit. Here, he describes its diversity and history, which make exploring on foot all the more alluring.

Walking Among A Plethora Of Flowers Towards The Summit Of Poios Brancos Serra Da Estrela


Plant spotting in Portugal

4 Feb 2018 · Andrew Mok,Simon Whitmarsh

Simon Whitmarsh and Andrew Mok were not only astounded by the walking opportunities in Portugal (so much so, they wrote a Cicerone guidebook), but its wild flowers. Here, they describe a journey of plant exploration.

11 Glorious Sunset From Pitigliano


What’s New on the Tuscan Front – 20 years on

13 Jan 2018 · Gillian Price

Wolves, marble quarries, barbed wire and ancient Etruscan ways star in Gillian Price’s latest adventures as she returns to Tuscany on a special quest: to research new walks and verify existing routes for the fourth edition (2018) of her classic guide Walking in Tuscany, which first arrived on the shelves in far-off 1998. But not all goes to plan.

Errant keepers. Men and wolves in comparison


Errant keepers. Men and wolves in comparison

11 Nov 2017 · Matteo Luciani

In the rugged mountainous Apennines of central Italy on the border between the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo, wolves are a part of life, as are shepherds and their guard dogs who protect the flocks. Matteo Luciani is a young scholar from Rome who spent the summer over three years with the shepherds there. He describes the experience with beautiful photos and evocative words (in both English and...

Pine Covered Mountains Cover


Cyprus: From Venetian Bridges to an abandoned village

6 Nov 2017 · Nike Werstroh

Trails criss-cross the hillsides and the tranquil forest hides Venetian bridges, ruins and stories in Cyprus. On the island where every passing century has left its own stamp and where every day hold something new to discover. Nike Werstroh recalls one day from Cyprus when she and Jacint Mig followed the Venetian Bridges trail and then wandered amongst the abandoned houses of Vretsia.

6  The Friendly Farmer And His Dogs Cover


Encounters of the friendly kind: pathfinding in the Sierras of Extremadura

6 Nov 2017 · Gisela Radant Wood

Extremadura has always been a place where people walked. Gisela Radant Wood, author of Cicerone’s The Sierras of Extremadura, is continuing a long tradition of choosing a path and following it. She has never been absolutely lost but has had the luck always to meet someone who knows the way, as she recounts in some anecdotes from the routes in her guidebook.

Peaks Of The Balkans  The Mountains Above The Ropojana Valley Montenegro  Rudolf Abraham


Exploring the Peaks of the Balkans Trail

6 Nov 2017 · Rudolf Abraham

Rudolf Abraham, author of Cicerone’s new guidebook to the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, describes his experiences while he was researching and walking for the guidebook to this mountainous trek around Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.