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British Isles


British Isles

The British Isles offer fantastic walking, climbing and cycling opportunities. With landscapes ranging from coastal footpaths, chalk downland and the Peak district to the challenges of Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Scottish highlands, there...

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Whether you’re tackling some of Scotland’s toughest winter climbs, the summits of the Munros, exploring the highlands and islands on a long-distance trail, or looking forward to a gentle walk in a glen or along the coast, Scotland is great for...

Nine Standards, on the Coast to Coast trail


Northern England Trails

Many of the long-distance and National Trails of northern England cross over the Pennines, exploring some of the country’s most spectacular and wild upland landscapes. Routes include the Coast to Coast Walk, the Pennine Way, Hadrian’s Wall Path,...

Fell walking in the Lake District


Lake District

England’s ‘Adventure Capital’ offers unrivalled options for mountain and fell walks, as well as trail and fell running, scrambling, mountain biking, cycling and winter climbing. Home of Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and the Cumbria Way, the stunning...

High Cup Nick


North West England and The Isle of Man

This area between the western Pennines and Cheshire, including the Forest of Bowland and the countryside of Lancashire, encompasses hills, moors, river valleys and unspoilt countryside. A short ferry ride or flight will take you to The Isle of Man,...

A marked track junction on 2017 Google Earth imaging shows location difference when compared to historical imaging which shows up to 15m variation in this example in Spain


Want More Walks? Navigation in a Digital World

10 Jan 2018 · Mick Borroff

What do you do when you want to find more hiking options than those covered by the guidebook? Mick Borroff explores route planning using GPS tracks and satellite imaging.



What is a GR route?

25 Oct 2017 · Joe Williams

Put simply, the GR routes are an immense network of long distance walking routes in France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. But there's a bit more to them than just that...

The simple beauty of lines and stripes.


How much preparation do I need for polar exploration?

7 Oct 2017 · Dixie Dansercoer

Polar exploration was once reserved for a very few hardy explorers who were not confident of even returning from their trips alive. Shackleton famously advertised for "Men Wanted for hazardous journey" promising "constant danger" but "safe return doubtful". Now that expeditions of all types have somewhat become commodities, Dixie Dansercoer looks at the true requirements for polar exploration.

South Face Of Annapurna


How tough should I be for trekking in the Himalaya?

20 Sep 2017 · Radek Kucharski

Walking is just a case of putting one foot in front of the other, as Kev Reynolds says – and mountain trekking is largely a matter of walking. No special skills or equipment are needed, no particular capabilities required: anyone who can walk can trek. On the other hand, Himalayan trekking is not walking in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Radek Kucharski considers the fitness and preparation...

Linen Dale Near Eyam


What is a gravel bike? Chiz Dakin explains

19 Jul 2017 · Chiz Dakin

Chiz Dakin has been enjoying riding a gravel bike for the new edition of Cycling in the Peak District. Here she explains exactly what a gravel bike is.

(Photo by Kev Reynolds taken from 'Walking in the Alps')


How tough should I be for walking in the Alps?

5 Jul 2017 · Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds, author, speaker and expert on all things mountainous, answers the often asked question: "How tough should I be for walking in the Alps?".

Minerve In The Cathar Region


Cycling the Canal du Midi – history, route planning and more

5 Jun 2017 · Declan Lyons

Declan Lyons, author of Cicerone's guide to cycling the Canal du Midi, shares his personal relationship with the route, as well as discussing the history of the canal, what it's like to cycle, route planning tips and the local culture.

Should I use walking poles


Bad knees? Maybe you should use walking poles

3 Jun 2017

So, you love hillwalking and you’re reasonably fit, but you’re beginning to realise that you actually prefer walking uphill, and that the downhill bits make your knees hurt – sometimes quite a lot! The steeper and longer the downhill, the worse it feels. You find you tense your leg muscles more, which results in muscle pain AND joint pain at the end of the day. If this sounds all too...

Gear review: Marmot Ether DriClime Hoody


Marmot Ether DriClime Hoody: A Gear Review

17 May 2017 · Joe Williams

Cicerone's Joe Williams reviews the Marmot Ether DriClime Hoody, a jacket that isn't well known to many UK walkers, climbers and runners. The jacket – and its precursor the DriClime Windshirt – is probably the most used, loved, depended on and effective piece of mountain and outdoor clothing he has ever owned. Here he explains why.

Top Tips for Mountain Biking in Slovenia


Top Tips for Mountain Biking in Slovenia

18 Apr 2017 · Rob Houghton

Rob Houghton has put together a brilliant Cicerone Extra article with some Top Tips for Mountain Biking in Slovenia. Here is an overview video.

Try To Avoid Feeling Exhausted By The Time You Top Out Remember You Have A Massive Descent Too


Top Tips for Mountain Biking in the Slovenian Alps

3 Apr 2017 · Rob Houghton

Rob Houghton takes some time out over the winter to reminisce on his mountain biking research trips to Slovenia. Using his own hard-won experience, he provides some advice for those considering a biking trip to this most beautiful of alpine countries.

Jon Sparks on the Correct Riding Position


Jon Sparks on the Correct Riding Position

19 Mar 2017 · Jon Sparks

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’ve dusted off an old one, a vital and yet frequently neglected issue is getting the riding position right. Jon Sparks, author of The Lancashire Cycleway, sets out some points to consider regarding the correct riding position.

A quick guide to Slovenian, for mountain bikers


A quick guide to Slovenian, for mountain bikers

18 Mar 2017 · Rob Houghton

If you're heading off to go walking, trekking or biking in Slovenia, why not learn a few phrases? Speaking any Slovenian at all – even to say thank you – will endear you to the locals and make the whole experience that much better.

 Ski Touring and Snowshoeing in the Dolomites


Visiting the Dolomites? Advice on travel and health insurance

25 Jan 2017 · James Rushforth

It's important to make sure you have the correct travel and health insurance before any holiday, particularly an adventurous one, so James Rushforth, author of Ski Touring and Snowshoeing in the Dolomites, shares this advice.

How to take photos you'll want to keep


How to take photos you'll want to keep

9 Dec 2016 · Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds, author of many Cicerone guidebooks, talks through some of his top tips for taking photos that you'll want to keep.

Flamingoes In  Chile  Salar De  Surire


Staying mentally strong and motivated on long distance bike tours

5 Dec 2016 · Cressida Allwood

In 2011, Mountain Leader Cress Allwood began a journey on her bike that would take her around the world. Returning to England in 2013, she now works as a leadership coach. Here she offers her three top tips for keeping motivated on long expeditions.

Anne And Friends On  Calf  Top Summit In 2007 Before It Was Promoted To Mountain Status Cover


Measuring Mountains - What actually IS a summit?

7 Nov 2016 · John Nuttall,Anne Nuttall

‘New Mountain Found’ scream the newspaper headlines. But surely all the mountains in this country have been discovered long ago: what's new? John Nuttall explains what the headlines are all about and how some intrepid surveyors beat the Ordnance Survey at their own game.

Pennine  Way


The Pennine Way 'experience' – why do we do it?

2 Oct 2016 · Andrew McCloy

To celebrate the launch of 'The Pennine Way - the Path, the People, the Journey', we have another wonderful extract from Andrew McCloy's new book. We hear about some of the tales walkers have to share of their journey, and consider whether the Pennine Way might be more like a pilgrimage.

High  Cup  Pennine  Way


The Pennine Way's 30-year fight for access to England's northern hills

5 Sep 2016 · Andrew McCloy

To celebrate the launch of The Pennine Way - the Path, the People, the Journey, We have an exciting series of extracts from Andrew McCloys fascinating book about the Pennine Way. In this article, he charts how the path originally came into being.