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James Benson


James Benson

James Benson has never written a book, but has sold a few. He has worked for Cicerone as their freelance sales agent since 2013 - work that he enjoys enormously and which has taken him from Cornwall to Caithness by way of Stoke, Peterborough and Southampton.



Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett spent his working life as a professional marketer, but still found time for climbing, winter mountaineering and sea kayaking. He first visited the Harris hills as a teenager and became a regular visitor. He lived in North Harris for a number of years, where he and his wife ran a guest house and, although now a city-dweller, he still makes frequent forays to the Hebrides, reconnecting with the wilderness and catching up with old friends.



Declan Lyons

Declan Lyons has a lifelong passion for cycling and touring. He was bitten by the bug when, as a teenager in the 1960s, he explored the wilds of Connemara on a rusty three-speed Rudge bicycle. Since then he has toured extensively in Ireland and further afield, including regular trips from the Channel to the Mediterranean. Declan is an advocate of cycle touring – taking time on his cycles and relishing the nature, history and daily life all around. He has toured the region between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean extensively.

James Cox


James Cox

James Cox is a full-time IT Consultant in the field of document management. As both a father and grand-father, he has substantial family commitments. But it's not all work and no play: he's a weekend warrior who heads out on his bike, on foot or by snowboard into the mountains.


Robert Loudon

Robert Loudon and Jean Blackwood trekked across Switzerland on the Alpine Pass Route (also known as Via Alpina 1). Whilst there they bumped into Jonathan and Lesley Williams who persuaded them to share some of their wonderful photographs on Cicerone Extra.



Paddy Dillon

Paddy Dillon is a prolific walker and guidebook writer, with over 90 guidebooks to his name and contributions to 40 other titles. He has written extensively for several outdoor publications and has appeared on radio and television. Paddy is an indefatigable long-distance walker who has walked all of Britain's National Trails and several major European trails. He has also walked in Nepal, Tibet, Korea, Africa and the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the US. Paddy is a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.

Price Gillian


Gillian Price

Gillian Price has trekked throughout Asia and the Himalayas, but now lives in Venice and is exploring the mountains and flatter bits of Italy. Starting in the Italian Dolomites, Gillian has written outstanding Cicerone guides to walking all over Italy as well as Corsica and Corfu. An adamant promoter of public transport to minimise environmental impact, Gillian belongs to Mountain Wilderness and is an active member of the Venice branch of CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.



Mike Wells

Mike Wells is an author of both walking and cycling guides. He has been walking long-distance footpaths for 25 years, after a holiday in New Zealand gave him the long-distance walking bug. Mike has also been a keen cyclist for over 20 years. After completing various UK Sustrans routes, such as Lon Las Cymru in Wales and the C2C route across northern England, he then moved on to cycling long-distance routes in continental Europe and beyond. These include cycling both the Camino and Ruta de la Plata to Santiago de la Compostela, a traverse of Cuba from end to end, a circumnavigation of Iceland and a trip across Lapland to the North Cape. He has written a series of cycling guides for Cicerone following the great rivers of Europe.

Lesley Option 3


Lesley Williams

Lesley is the Marketing Director and co-owner of Cicerone, and has a Diploma in Marketing. A geographer at heart and in practice, she is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Kucharski Radek


Radek Kucharski

Radek Kucharski was born in Poland. After graduating in Geography he worked for a small GIS company for over 12 years, which he would periodically leave every few years for months-long trekking trips to Asia. He trekked in Nepal, Iran, Pakistan and India, getting to know the landscapes, the people, their cultures and himself. After his first visit in 2004, Ladakh instantly became his favourite destination, and he made a promise to himself to return with the task of collecting data for a guidebook. A few years later he began this work.
Since that first visit to the Ladakh Range he has also changed profession. Now working as a tourist guide, which he has been doing since 2010, Radek lives in Warsaw and guides groups to India, Nepal and Scandinavia for one of Poland's leading adventure travel agencies.

Kingsley Jones


Kingsley Jones

Kingsley's love of the mountains started as a 5 year old. It wasn't a big surprise that he studied geography and glaciology at university. He's climbed the north faces of the Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses in the Alps, and led expeditions to mountains all over the world. Through mountaineering he developed a passion for a minimalist approach in the mountains, and soon discovered trail running as an ultimate form of fast and light travel. He runs a mountain running and guiding company (, and so divides his time between the Alps and the Lake District each year.



Paul Besley

Paul Besley is a writer who began exploring the British Landscape while at school in the 1970s. His focus of work is the interaction between human and the land. He lives close to the Peak District in The Outdoor City of Sheffield with his partner, metalsmith Alison Counsell, and their three dogs Monty, Olly, and Scout.



Rob Houghton

Rob Houghton has been an outdoor instructor, leader and educator for more years than he cares to remember and he has led educational expeditions on five continents. For as long as he can remember, Rob has always been a cyclist and his first bike was a Raleigh Striker back when they had fake suspension forks on the front. He only took up mountain biking ten years ago after a friend first took him around a trail centre in Wales. He was hooked.

Christine Gordon


Christine Gordon

Christine Gordon was a keen hillwalker and climbed, with a few exceptions, all the hills in Scotland, England and Wales. She has done all the Munros, Munro tops, Furths and Corbetts. Sadly she was killed in a road traffic accident in 2020 while travelling in Costa Rica.

Robin Pritchard


Robin Pritchard

​​Robin Pritchard is a freelance graphic designer who has worked on many publications for Cicerone Press since 2008. Robin is also a keen photographer, which makes a perfect compliment to his travel interests.



Ronald Turnbull

Ronald Turnbull writes regularly for TGO, Lakeland Walker, Trail and Cumbria magazines. His previous books include Across Scotland on Foot, Long Days in Lakeland and Welsh 3000ft Challenges. He has written many other Cicerone guides, including Walking in the Lowther Hills, The Book of the Bivvy and Not the West Highland Way.

Jonathan Cook


Jonathan Cook

​Jonathan Cook is a writer and adventurer who began his love affair with the Great Outdoors as a boy walking in the footsteps of Wainwright in the English Lake District. Since then he has hiked and climbed extensively in Europe, Nepal, Mongolia and North America but his passion for the Lake District remains strong. His work and features have been published extensively in both Adventure Travel and Trail Magazines.

Arlan 01 Cb


Jonathan Arlan

Jonathan Arlan is a writer, author, editor and enthusiastic wanderer. His writing has been published by Perceptive Travel, The Millions,, Tablet Magazine, and elsewhere on the web and in print and his book Mountain Lines: A Journey through the French Alps was a New York Times summer reading recommendation. While his travels have taken him on foot through the Alps, overland from Portugal to Japan, and many places in between, he lives in his hometown of Kansas City.