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Despatches from Nepal

In the terrible Gorkha earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April, over 7,000 people are now known to have been killed and hundreds of thousands made homeless. Many members of our Cicerone community will have lost friends and seen reports of devastation in places that they have long known and treasured. Two of our authors have been out there and wanted to share some of their experiences and ask us all...

New Scrambling Route in the Peak District


Cicerone Second new scrambling route in the Peak District

We have another new scrambling route from the Peak District that has not yet been published. Cicerone author Terry Sleaford recently discovered the Cloughs route and we couldn't wait until the new edition of Scrambles in the Dark Peak to share it with you.

Mountain Walking In Southern Catalunya


Cicerone author Mountain Walking in Southern Catalunya - Roca Xapada

You know that walk of yours that goes up to the Roca Xapada and then returns the same route? Well it can be done as a circuit. We've found a really good route up Xapada using a gully to get up the steep bits and only one mildly tricky manoeuvre and then a good path and you can come down the usual way.

Southern Catalunya


Problems with pigs

"It is only natural to expect some changes after writing up a route but sometimes they come from a completely unexpected direction. Going back to do one of our Southern Catalunya walks (Walk 3 Moleta de les Canals circuit) after some two years we became completely muddled in steep woodland by a multiplicity of paths, encroaching vegetation and missing cairns.