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British Isles


British Isles

The British Isles offer fantastic walking, climbing and cycling opportunities. With landscapes ranging from coastal footpaths, chalk downland and the Peak district to the challenges of Snowdonia, the Lake District and the Scottish highlands, there...

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Whether you’re tackling some of Scotland’s toughest winter climbs, the summits of the Munros, exploring the highlands and islands on a long-distance trail, or looking forward to a gentle walk in a glen or along the coast, Scotland is great for...

Nine Standards, on the Coast to Coast trail


Northern England Trails

Many of the long-distance and National Trails of northern England cross over the Pennines, exploring some of the country’s most spectacular and wild upland landscapes. Routes include the Coast to Coast Walk, the Pennine Way, Hadrian’s Wall Path,...

Fell walking in the Lake District


Lake District

England’s ‘Adventure Capital’ offers unrivalled options for mountain and fell walks, as well as trail and fell running, scrambling, mountain biking, cycling and winter climbing. Home of Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and the Cumbria Way, the stunning...

High Cup Nick


North West England and The Isle of Man

This area between the western Pennines and Cheshire, including the Forest of Bowland and the countryside of Lancashire, encompasses hills, moors, river valleys and unspoilt countryside. A short ferry ride or flight will take you to The Isle of Man,...

01 The Aletsch Glacier Runs South From Jungraujoch For 20Km


Walking the Aletsch Glacier

21 Jan 2018 · Mike Wells

Mike Wells describes a recent visit to Western Europe’s longest glacier, the Aletsch. Here, he describes the two day trek along the entire length of the glacier.

Trekking in Svalbard


Spitsbergen: The end of the world - Trekking in your 70s

14 Jan 2018 · Clive Darley,Jennifer Darley

Clive and Jennifer Darley believe age should be no barrier to having great adventures in the mountains: "Equipped with a cardiac pacemaker and a prosthetic hip and with a combined age of over 140, we set off to prove that venerability, a degree of infirmity and not-unlimited finances need not be a barrier to ambition in seeking out new challenges. The armchair and slippers can wait!"

Skiing Banner


Norge På Langs, “Skiing Norway from end to end”

20 Dec 2017 · Tania Noakes

Tania Noakes, writer, adventurer and IFMGA Mountain guide, is about to set off on the journey of a lifetime - something she has dreamed of for years: to ski Norway from end to end. Here, she describes her preparations for the trip. 

14 Ice Near The Refugio Elorrieta Cover


Three Seasons in Three Days – a trek in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

4 Dec 2017 · Richard Hartley

No matter how many times you climb mountains they can still spring surprises. Is this one of the reasons we keep returning? A simple three-day trek crossing Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains one November turned into one such instance for Cicerone author Richard Hartley and his companions.

The View South East From Ryggjehoe


Walking in the Ice Age: October in Jotunheimen

4 Dec 2017 · Alex Kendall

Norway's great Jotenheimen National Park is home to the country's highest peak, Galdhøppigen. Experienced trekker and Cicerone author Alex Kendall decided on a trip in October - did he time it right for the beautiful colours of autumn, or would the snows of winter have already set in?

Enjoying the sunshine, as well as the walking, in Extremadura


An Autumn Walk in Extremadura - from Monesterio to the monastery

22 Nov 2017 · Gisela Radant Wood

The walking group in Gisela's village in Extremadura, Spain, have never walked from the town of Monesterio to visit the monastery that sits on the highest point of Badajoz Province. So, Gisela Radant Wood, the author of the guidebook to Extremadura, recently introduced them to this beautiful walk.

Bikepacking On The Moray Trail 29


Bikepacking the Moray Coast Trail

18 Nov 2017 · Jim Sutherland

Jim Sutherland describes his bikepacking trip along the Moray Coast Trail in Scotland - plenty of hills, laughs and some good food.

High Pike 658M The Highest Point Of The Cumbria Way


How NOT to walk the Cumbria Way

8 Nov 2017 · Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson reflects on her first long-distance experience - a failed attempt on the Cumbria Way - and the lessons she has since learned. 

Castle At La Iruela In The Sierra De Cazorla Cover


Around Spain, off road, on a mountain bike

6 Nov 2017 · Jonathan Halstead

We all know Spain is a beautiful country, but most of us visit the coasts and the famous cities. Jonathan Halstead, author of Three Wheels on my Bicycle, decided to visit a less well-known Spain, travelling through its remote mountain ranges and visiting small towns and villages in quiet valleys. Below are selected excerpts from his book, describing a 3000km, five month journey involving over...

Tenerife Gr 131 30


Backpacking the GR131 in Tenerife

13 Oct 2017

Bart Caers takes a solo walk along the beautiful, lonely GR 131 on the Atlantic island of Tenerife, where the route takes in desert, rainforest and volcanic wilderness.

Day 26 The Quiet Village Of Aguero With Its Neighbouring Rock Formations


Photogallery: Trekking Spain's GR1

13 Oct 2017

During April and May 2017 Rose Muylaert walked a large section of the GR1, or Sendero Historico, in Spain. She shares these photos from the stretch between L'Escala and the Basque country, saying that "it was a splendid but secluded walk, but I like secluded walks."

Trekking The Grande Escursione Appenninica In The Apennines


An unusual family in the Apennines

13 Sep 2017 · Gillian Price

Gillian Price writes about staying with an unusual family whilst trekking the Grande Escursione Appenninica in the Apennines.

21 Old Minefields Are Well Marked And Fenced Off


Island Hopping on the Falklands Islands

12 Sep 2017 · Mike Wells

Mike Wells travelled around the Falklands in February, walking and wildlife spotting on this fascinating archipelago in the South Atlantic.

North Downs Way Trosley Country Park


Rewalking the North Downs Way

12 Sep 2017 · Kev Reynolds

Updating his North Downs Way guide, Kev Reynolds reconnects with the beauty and history of this easily-overlooked National Trail.

Crossing The Cantabrian Mountains Llana De Puerto


Cycling the Vía de la Plata

11 Sep 2017 · John Hayes

The Vía de la Plata is one of the great Camino routes to Santiago de Compostela. Cicerone author John Hayes set about cycling the route. Here, he describes the history and culture of the region as well as giving some planning and logistics tips.

Refuge Alfred Wills Cover


Walking in the Haute Savoie – in the footsteps of Alfred Wills

1 Jul 2017 · Pamela Harris

Aside from offering top-notch Alpine walking, the Haut Giffre area of the Haute Savoie has some interesting history. Alfred Wills, one of the founders of the Alpine Club and grandfather to Edward Norton (of Everest fame) built a chalet here in the 1860s. Today it stands deserted, but you can stay at the Refuge Alfred Wills, a charming hut named in his honour.