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England's best bog: Great Moss in upper Eskdale


A Very British Bog

Ronald Turnbull remembers encounters with quagmires, morasses, bogs, fens, flows, sloughs and other soggy bits of Britain. He is doing his best to help you avoid yearning for the hills and perhaps make you slightly happier about being stuck at home with dry feet…

Take a moment to enjoy Snowdonia


Meet our Cicerone Connect members: "Oh the places we have been!"

Cicerone Connect, our new Facebook community, has become a brilliant place to share your trip photos, planning questions and bucket-list ideas. We thought we'd share a few pictures from our wonderful members - thank you so much for sharing these, it's lovely to see our books being put to good use! If you're on Facebook do come and join us.

Heather moorlands. Taken from Terry's guidebook to the Coast to Coast


The beginning of a long walking career

Theresa May famously gave Angela Merkel a copy of one of Terry Marsh's guidebooks. Terry is one of Cicerone's longest-running authors and here he looks back at where his love of walking came from.

Trekking in the Himalayan foothills


The joy of walking

Kev Reynolds has been reflecting on why he fell in love with walking many, many years ago and, despite only being allowed to walk circuits of his miniature garden, he is still daydreaming of walking holidays.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash


Whinge along with me

Kev Reynolds is famous among walkers and trekkers as one of the most prolific guidebook writers of all time (maybe). As a 'vulnerable' person he is limited to walking around his small garden and he's gone completely stir-crazy. Here he expresses his frustrations through poetry so please, whinge along with him!

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How to make sure your bike is safe, roadworthy and ready to go

Has your bike been in the shed for far too long? Perhaps the lockdown is inspiring you to dust off the old bike and go on a cycle ride (within government limitations of course). Here Jon Sparks gives us some helpful advice on how to make sure your bike is roadworthy so you can enjoy some cycling in the sunshine.

Bendrigg Lodge, Cumbria


Lockdown at Bendrigg Lodge and the 2.6 challenge

The Bendrigg Trust is a specialist centre providing outdoor experiences for disabled and disadvantaged children and young adults, and a charity that Cicerone and our many customers have been proud and eager to support. It’s a happy and thriving place, full of energy and laughter offering life-changing experiences. Now there is only silence.

Alfie on his BMX


Surviving lockdown with children: Lucy's top tips from one month in

We have been self-isolating for almost six weeks. My children are verging on feral, my four-year-old has given herself a haircut and I know all the words to all the songs in Frozen 2. The phrase I hear the most, at least 150 times a day, is 'can I have a snack'. I am not being smug - I'd hate to come across that way - but here are some things I have learned from a month of lockdown with my...

Bumble bee


Getting close to nature in Cumbria – the Cicerone team find new sights and sounds

Wildlife and nature is noisy, busy and growing at a fast pace during these spring months, and in marked contrast to the slower, quieter pace of human life during the lockdown and pandemic. It has given us all time to look and listen with a new focus, and a very welcome relief from the worries and fears of coronavirus. Our gardens and country lanes and footpaths are teeming with life, even city...

A track in Extremadura


Walking from home in Extremadura, south west Spain

Living in isolation on a small finca in rural Extremadura is not much different to normal life for me and husband, Roger. Unless we make the effort, we normally do not see anyone for days, even weeks, on end. We are very fortunate in having a dog, Jack. He gives legitimacy for our walking because we are not allowed ‘out’ for exercise, as in Britain, but dogs do need exercise, so we are able...

Rocher du Saint Julien2


Springtime walks in confinement

Confinement has put normal life on hold in France. But for Cicerone author Hilary Sharp, who lives in Provence, brief walks in the local area to enjoy the spring sunshine and flowers are still a vital part of her daily routine.

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Lockdown in Le Marche

Sue Cooper, a regular walker in the Sibillini Mountains and an artist, is quarantined in Le Marche, Italy. Here, she explains that while she cannot get out into the mountains to walk, she can still appreciate them in other ways.



Self-isolating with kids

Cicerone Production Editor Lucy is self-isolating at home in the Lake District with her two children. #walkingfromhome

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Walking from home

During this time of self-isolation and social distancing Paddy Dillon is making the most of his local area with walks from his front door.