Self-isolating with kids

Cicerone Production Editor Lucy is self-isolating at home in the Lake District with her two children. #walkingfromhome

It's Day 1 of self-isolation. I have a 4-year-old, who is possibly a walking germ factory, and a hyperactive 6-year-old. What do I do? It's too early in the game for back-to-back Paw Patrol and I need to hold on to the big guns of Frozen and Toy Story 4 for later in the week when I'm desperate.

What we all really need is some fresh air, a run around and some time off from the news. Luckily, we live in a village, surrounded by hills and woods, and I'm pretty confident that if we venture out we won't see a soul. I think it would actually be impossible to physically bump into someone here.

So, loaded up with snacks and drinks we head up the limestone hill near our house. The kids are happy, I am happy, the views are great and the sun comes out. For an hour or two life feels normal again while we watch the lambs and my son lists all the Greek Gods and I pretend that I know them as well.

Tomorrow we're going on a bike ride, and the day after, and possibly the day after that as well. Being outside makes me feel better and I know that if I choose the right place I don't have to worry. The kids can play in the garden and plant seeds (and clear some weeds if I can train them up) and we'll go for more walks, rain or shine. And, in all honestly, I'm quite looking forward to it, plus it might just save my sanity.

Running home

Friends in the village are also getting into the swing of things and making the most of the the outdoors, getting some fresh air and exploring new places. We'd love to see your photos, use the hashtag #walkingfromhome.

Strickland Hill
Strickland Hill2
out in the woods
in the woods

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