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Office Manager Role

Customer services, Finance and Administration role at Cicerone

Cicerone Press are looking for an energetic and flexible person who loves outdoor activities and takes computers in their stride to join the small team in Milnthorpe. The role will be to manage customer service, accounts, inventory control and maintain our databases, especially of book information, and to support marketing and production activities by managing all aspects of our office day to day.

Details of role
Cicerone is the leading specialist publisher of guides for walkers, trekkers, mountaineers and cyclists. We publish over 250 guides and cover the UK, Europe and many other countries.

We are a small team, based in Milnthorpe, just south of Kendal, but we work with authors, suppliers, customers and individuals all around the world. The team here concentrates on our publishing and marketing activities, and we work with distribution partners to sell and deliver our guides to users.

We are looking for an energetic, capable and flexible person to join the team to essentially run the office day-to-day. You will need to be able to handle many things simultaneously, work well with the team here and quickly understand how our various activities work together. It’s a highly computerised environment, so being confident in Word and Excel is crucial, as is a mind that can contribute to linking our databases with our partners.

We think its very important that you love the outdoors and have familiarity for what we do…..customers may well rely on what you say to them, whether an individual buying a book or a trade customer enquiring whether they should stock a title.

We have flexibility in terms of whether the role is part time (minimum 3 days/week) or full time, depending on the applicant and your skills. We are a friendly place to work, and have flexible working arrangements and pension schemes in place.

Some of the main elements of the role include:

•    Handling day-to day contact with our distributors and monitoring their performance; dealing with web site orders, individual and trade customer orders, returns requests etc.

•    Inventory planning for international distributors, dealing with consignment inventory, US dollar price stickers; monitoring production and delivery dates.

•    Maintaining all book databases, internal and external, and updating them with new book information etc. Contributing to keeping all other customer databases accurate.

•    Handling all bills and payments, bank reconciliations; paying author royalties; and handling as much of the financial control of the business as you can.

•    Running the office, including emails, post, couriers, supplies, safety, alarms etc

•    Supporting the marketing activities of the business – mailing of new book information and review copies.

It’s a very varied role, and you'll need a broad understanding of what is going on throughout the business so that you can contribute to its many aspects, especially on the sales and marketing side.

To give a little of the flavour, some of the things that have cropped up recently include:

•    Figuring out how to arrange shipments of books to Bhutan and Nepal.
•    Replacing a lost guidebook for someone on a campsite in the Pyrenees.
•    Researching reviewers for a new series of guidebooks.
•    Helping users select which alpine trek is right for them.


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