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Look inside our books using Google Book Search. Please note that this will take you to an external website. To search our website please use the search box at the top right of the screen.

Finding a Guide

By a search

The Search facility is available on every page. Just type the title, area, centre or activity you are interested in into the search box and the site will give you the guide or selection of guides suitable to your request.

Looking through the catalogue by REGION

We have classified all guides by the regions they cover. Many guides cover more than one region, for example the Tour of Mont Blanc, which can be found under each of the countries it visits (France, Italy and Switzerland). Our site then gives you a list of the guides to the region, usually organised so the most recent guides appear near the top of the list.

There is then scope if you have chosen a region with many titles (Scotland and France have the most coverage) to filter your selection to see the guides that relate to the activity of your choice.

Browsing Regions

Looking through the catalogue by ACTIVITY

This works just the same way as the region search. Indicate on the front page navigation which activity you are interested in and the site will present the list of guides.

You can then further sort these by area or just look down the list. Some of the lists may be long, for example we have over 40 British Isles trekking and long-distance path guides and over 80 international treks to choose from, never mind over 100 British walking guides.

Browse Activity

Full site search

This searches all parts of the web site, including the books database and all resources we hold, to look for answers to your search query. This involves searching a larger volume of material so it may take a few seconds to bring up the answers. Please search on the books field if you want quick access to the guidebook you need.


We will be adding many more pages to the site under the RESOURCES section. These will appear alongside the relevant guide to give further information, if you want it, about a book, region or activity.


If you have any problems with the searching and navigation facilities, please CLICK HERE to email them to us.

Questions we have for you include:

Is it confusing for the guide to appear in all the regions and activities covered, and would it be easier under just one master region and activity?

We have classified Ireland under both British Isles and Europe. Is this helpful? Does it deeply offend anyone?

Are there any cases where the guide doesn’t appear where you expected it?

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