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Promotions and Display

If you’d like to run a special promotion or just need some posters to enhance your displays then we can help. We can arrange training and merchandising visits and provide you with a range of display equipment free of charge. We’ll also give you an extra 5% discount on your initial order if you take one of our larger spinners. If you’d like to order any posters or display units, arrange some training or just want to have a chat about what’s available and what we can do to help then either email Cate or give me a call on 01539 562 069.



Display Units


Shelf Edge Display Unit

This is available in two sizes to fit our standard or mini guides. Provides an excellent way to highlight key local or bestselling titles, simply slots on to an existing shelf.






Mini Guide Rack

A freestanding unit ideal for a compact display next to your till or on a table. A very effective way to merchandise our full series of mini guides together and provide potential add on sales.






Small Counter Top Spinner

43cm high x 24 cm wide this holds around 20-30 books and is a very neat and compact display unit suitable for both our mini and standard guides. It works equally well on a counter or tabletop display and is perfect if you want to stock a small range or just strengthen your display of local best sellers.










Counter Top Spinner

73cm high x 32cm wide this holds around 50-60 books and is ideal for tables and larger counters. Holds a good range of our mini and standard guides and is a useful option if you don't want to commit to one of our floor spinners.













Medium Floor Standing Spinner

These are 165cm high x 39cm wide and hold around 120-150 books.  We’ve recently updated the design giving them a round base for a neater and more streamlined display. They hold enough stock to let you carry a good, comprehensive range of local, regional, UK and International titles and are suitable for all but our largest books. 












Available for any jacket or theme you choose in A4, A3 or (if you need them that big!) A2. Just call or email Cate to discuss your requirements (01539 562 069).




Display Ideas and Competitions

We run a couple of display competitions each year to tie in with the launch of our key titles so keep an eye on our newsletters and Trade Home Page for the chance for your store to win some great prizes.  We’re always looking for images of excellent displays of our books.

Many congratulations to Cotswold in Carmarthen who recently won 6 bottles of wine and an Alpine cheese for their excellent display of Trekking in the Alps.

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