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Gillian Price was born in England, but moved to Australia with her family when she was young. After taking a degree in anthropology and working in adult education, she set off to travel through Asia and trek in the Himalayas. The culmination of her journey was Venice where, her enthusiasm fired for exploring mountains, the next logical step was the Dolomites, only a few hours away. Having started there, Gillian is steadily exploring the mountain ranges of Italy and bringing them to life for visitors in a series of outstanding guides for Cicerone. She loves anything and everything Italian, but confesses a special fondness for the Dolomites, which she and Nicola, her Venetian husband, enjoy as frequently as they are able to. Her other particular passions are the Etruscan regions and the country's volcanoes, about which she has undertaken a great deal of research - including some fairly close encounters with Etna while working on the new edition of Walking in Sicily! Her dream is to travel the length and breadth of Italy on foot.

When not out walking, she works as a freelance journalist, scriptwriter and translator. Neither Gillian nor Nicola drives a car, and Gillian is an adamant promoter of the use of public transport to minimise the impact of vehicles in alpine areas. She has a wonderful and extensive knowledge of the wild flowers and wildlife of the mountains - a walk along a mountain path with Gillian can easily become an opportunity to experience and understand far more about your surroundings than the landscape alone, and her guidebooks are richly illustrated with examples of the more frequently encountered species of a region.

Gillian has now written ten guides published by Cicerone, and a brand new guide, Through the Eastern Alps: the E5, is currently in preparation. The E5 is a European long-distance route of epic proportions, starting on the southern shores of Lake Constance and moving in a south-easterly direction over the eastern Alps to eventually arrive in Verona some 600km and four weeks of mountain trekking later! Gillian finished her research for the guide earlier this year, and it is scheduled for publication in April 2007.

In addition to writing and researching walking and trekking guidebooks for Cicerone, Gillian is a special consultant on, and contributor to, many travel guides on Italy, including some of those published by Dorling Kindersley and Thomas Cook. She also regularly writes magazine features on art, culture and lifestyle in Italy, and leads walking holidays. She is an active member of the Italian Alpine Club and regularly contributes to their publications. She is also a member of the UK-based Outdoor Writers' Guild.

In November 2006 Gillian and husband Nico will be travelling to England and attending the Kendal Mountain Festivals, which run from Friday 10th through to Sunday 19th November. Gillian will join a select panel of guidebook writers during one of the writers' workshops. Turning Passion into Print is a special workshop for aspiring guidebook writers, or indeed for anyone interested in the enormous amount of detailed research and writing that goes into creating a guidebook. The workshop runs on Saturday 11th November throughout the afternoon, and details and tickets can be obtained directly online. Just click this link to the Kendal Mountain Festivals.

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