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Greece and Crete offer year-round walking opportunities, although the extremes of summer and winter weather should be avoided if possible. The Greek Pindos mountains are an extension of the Dynaric Alps, themselves an extension of the main Alps. The mountain chain forms a bowl that continues through Greece, emerging in Crete and finally in Turkey as the Taurus mountains.

The Greek Pindos mountain range extends from the borders of Albania through northern Greece, ending at Sterea Ellada. The highest peak of the Pindos range is Mt. Smolikas (2637m), the second highest peak in Greece after Mt. Olympus (2917m).

The Katara Pass divides the Pindos mountains into the North and South, with the North Pindos generally more accessible for trekkers than the South.

The High Mountains of Crete invite you to enjoy the limestone landscape and ancient heritage of the region, with highlights such as the Samaria Gorge and the beautiful landscapes of Kissamos and Selinos in western Crete.

The eastern Mediterranean range of Cicerone guides includes those to Malta, Jordan (including caves, climbs and canyons) and the Ala Dag in Turkey.

(Photo by Tim Salmon from 'The Mountains of Greece')

Useful websites: (Guide to the Pindos Mountains)
Richard Ellis has a useful blog for anyone planning to walk the E4 long distance route along the spine of Crete, from East to West -

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