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Ski Mountaineering and Snowshoeing

A combination of skiing and mountaineering, ski mountaineering allows you to travel through otherwise impassable terrain on foot, to then continue on skis.

A variety of safety equipment such as crampons, ropes and ice axes are used, as well as the usual ski gear; skis, bindings and boots, and skins.

Ski mountaineering will take you through glacial passages in high mountain areas, leading to some pretty extreme surroundings!

Snowshoeing involves walking through snow with the aid of ‘snow shoes’, lightweight shoes that make it easier to travel across this type of terrain.

The shoes distribute the bodyweight over a larger surface area to prevent the feet from sinking into the snow.

Trekking poles may also be used when snowshoeing to help you balance, but apart from these no other special equipment is needed, making it a great activity for anybody who enjoys being out in the snow.

For those snowsport enthusiasts who may want to improve their knowledge of snow and avalanche release, our mini guides have plenty of practical information.

(Photo by Paul Henderson from 'Vanoise Ski Touring')

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